Monday, March 2, 2015

And just like that...

maternity leave is over!!

As you are reading this, I am back at my desk downtown, figuring out how to use a PC after a year of only using a Mac!

Part of me is super sad to leave my children at the day home but I am also excited to be back at the office. A huge part of this excitement is the fact that I am back only 3 days a week so I still have lots of time at home with Audrey and Leo. I am very grateful that we were able to work out this schedule so that I can have a good work/home balance.

We did the transition to the dayhome last week and it went fairly well. Audrey did not want to leave either day so I take that as a good sign that she will enjoy it there. Leo is such a little explorer that he didn't have any problems either. He did struggle a bit with his nap on the one day because it was noisy but I'm sure over time he will get used to the extra noise and different space. The day home providers are so sweet and caring that I am confident that I am leaving them in good hands.

Rather than be sad about being away from my children, I will enjoy my "adult" time, drinking my hot coffee, eating my lunch with two hands, wearing nice clothes without fear of little fingers messing them (just my own spilling!) and exercising my brain a bit more.

I will also enjoy each moment with them, quality over quantity. I will stress less and just be in the moment!

I am forever grateful that I got a year off (twice) to spend full-time with my children. That is priceless and I will never take it for granted. Such a special time!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Such a bitter sweet time! Awesome that it's just three days a week though!

  2. YAY for 3 days a week for sure! It's the best!! Enjoy your day!!

  3. Wishing you the best of luck! You will do great :) I love that you were able to go back 3 days a week. 5 days a week is okay now for me but after another baby I think I want to look at 3-4 days a week since life will be a lot busier!

  4. Hope your first day back at work is going well! That's so great your company is flexible and you were able to go back for only three days per week!

  5. Imagine that! Drinking hot coffee, wearing nice clothes, adult conversations. Well, as adult as conversations at work get...
    Welcome back and enjoy!

  6. That's so great you are able to work three days a week. I hope you had a good first day back!

    That picture is so precious.

  7. Yay for 3 days/week! I tried to negotiate part-time with my boss after my first mat leave but it was a no go. Fortunately after I had my second, she agreed to hire me to do contract work from home. I love being home with the kids AND getting to work - though I do still miss my "adult time" at the office. I hope your first day was fantastic!

  8. Hope today went well for you!

  9. Soo glad it is working out!!! Now that the first week is over how did it go? Is the day home like a centre or at a house? More than one sitter? I clearly know nothing about daycare! Haha


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