Wednesday, March 18, 2015


What's a better way to celebrate hump day (or my 'Friday') than with a list of loves!

~ Loving my Run For L'Arche race package. Full of delicious goodies like a bright shirt, Clif Bar, bottled water and chocolate! Any race package that has chocolate in it is a winner in my book!

I also loved that they had package pick-up downtown for a couple days (today it's 12-2pm). That saved me from hauling the kids down south on Thursday or Friday.

~ Loving random acts of kindness from strangers! Yesterday, a man at the train station chased me down because I left the interior light on in my car! It would not have been a nice surprise after work to come back to a dead car!

~ Loving all the people I have met blogging- such a great community!

Speaking of which, Lindsey Vaughan, you commented on a post the other day but your email isn't linked to your comment so I can't reply to you. Email me at and we can chat ;) Not weird!

~ Loving that I received the best news ever from my best friend! After a long road, she is finally expecting a baby! She's 12 weeks and this is how she announced it!

~Loving this sign I saw at my chiro's office! Made me chuckle!
~ Loving these two! They love each other so much and seeing this in the back seat made my heart melt!
What are you loving today?


  1. Oh my gosh. Again - I am so so so thrilled for your best friend. I am always thinking of her and this is the best news. I also love her announcement!! Great race package. Will run for chocolate!! ha ha That sign is great too! Happy our Friday!! :)

  2. That is such an cute announcement!
    I love that photo of the kids holding hands, so sweet! Avery is in a huge baby phase, where she loves them, unfortunately for he she has a while before she has a baby sibling!

  3. OMG I love the announcement- the dogs are adorable!

  4. Oh yay for your friend!!! I know you had mentioned she had issues, so that Is great news!! Miracle baby!! Such a cute announcement!! That's a great race package!! Love that pic if the kiddos in the back seat!!

  5. Love this posts. Congrats to your friend. The announcement photo is awesome!

    So sweet that the kids hold hands.

  6. Exciting news! Your kids are so precious.

    Have a great rest of your day 😆

  7. They always have great race packages and shirts! That was nice of the guy to let you know. And congratulations to your friend!


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