Wednesday, March 4, 2015

~Run For L'Arche: Week #5 Training Recap & The Juggling Act~

Week #5 of training for Run For L'Arche 5 Mile is done and was much better than last week!

How did I do?

Plan: Rest day
What I did: Rest day

Plan: 2.5 Mile run
What I did: 2.5 Mile run on the treadmill.
It was Audrey's birthday so I didn't want to leave in the middle of dinner to meet the group so I did a run after the kids went to bed.

Plan: 40 min Cross Train
What I did: T25 Alpha Speed workout, 25 minutes and 15 minutes of yoga poses
One of my favourite programs! I'm also glad I was able to work on some of my yoga poses- practice makes perfect, right?

Plan: 2 Mile run + strength training
What I did: 2 Mile Run on the treadmill
Still struggling to get both a run and strength training in on the same day. Too many things to do and not enough time!

Plan: Yoga
What I did: Yoga
I so look forward to my weekly yoga class!

Plan: Rest day
What I did: Rest day

Plan: 4 Mile run
What I did: 3 Mile run on the treadmill
Sadly, I couldn't meet up with the running group in the morning because we had a birthday party to attend and there wasn't enough time. All I managed to squeeze in in the evening was 3 miles.

The Juggling Act

Sometimes I feel like a clown, juggling all of life's responsibilities, and any wants that I want to fit in each day. I generally see working out as a responsibility to my health and wellness, so not really a want but sometimes other responsibilities become more important so it becomes a want. Now that I am back at work, this has become even more apparent. Granted, I'm only on my first week back so I don't have this down pat yet but the sooner I figure it out, the more successful I will be in juggling my responsibilities.

How do I juggle life and working out?

1. Make a plan- I need a schedule or training plan. I need to write it down so I know which days I'm working out. If I don't, it gets bumped day after day until suddenly the week is over and I haven't worked out at all.

2. Get a workout buddy or sign up for a race- accountability. For me, I don't like to waste money on race fees and then not be prepared. While I don't get a PR every race, I don't want to get a PW every time either!

3. Accept that sometimes you need to be flexible- this has become a very important lesson for me since having children. Things come up, children don't nap or go to bed at the right time, sickness invades your house or other responsibilities have piled up that you need to forgo your workout to get caught up! One missed workout is not going to derail you, even a week off isn't a big wrinkle in the plan. See if you can fit the workout in another time but if not, don't stress about it. That's certainly not going to do you any good. I need to follow my own advice here!

4. Be realistic with what you can do- maybe hold off on signing up for a marathon if you have 3 children, work full time, your spouse works 60 hours a week and it's winter. Not that it is impossible but you need to set yourself up for success by having realistic goals. Despite my love for the half marathon distance, I have decided to hold off on training for one for the next few months until we get our new routine down and it's not going to cause our family any extra stress.

How do you fit working out into your busy life?


  1. Great tips! I have been apprehensive to sign up for longer races now that I am back to work FT but you just have to make it work. Make a plan and be flexible for sure :) I am tossing around a half for the end of summer again, I am so indecisive!

  2. What you said above is exactly why I don't run spring half or full marathons anymore. I ran my first spring 'big distance' race last year and it just wasn't good. I've got too much going on with track, a spouse that works 80+ hours in a week (lol) and child? Oh and yes, do I ever hate winter running! So - it is 5K and 10K distances for me. I can get a 3-5K runs in almost every day - longer than that - not happening.

  3. As you've probably noticed reading my blog, my fitness comes in waves. I have really good weeks where I stick to the plan I lay out in my day planner, and some weeks we are plagued by sickness, busy schedule or I'm just too exhausted to get up early and fit it in. I may not be able to reach the goals I had for myself pre-baby, but I think that I do not bad for being a single mom working full time.

  4. I struggled big time when I first went back to work, it took me a long time to get into a routine. It's already a big change going back to work. Ease into it, cut yourself some slack!


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