Wednesday, March 25, 2015

~Run For L'Arche: Week # 8 Training Recap & Race Report 2015~

I've successfully completed the Run For L'Arche 5 Mile!!
It was a great race and I PR'd!

Let's look back at my last week of training before I recap the race.

Plan: Rest day
What I did: Rest day

Plan: 3 Mile run
What I did: 5K hilly run with the Half Marathon group
It was the start of hill training for the half marathon group- 3 hill repeats. I felt really strong and kept a good pace.

Plan: 30 Minute Cross Training
What I did: T25 Total Body Circuit
Another good workout! The kids were some

Plan: 2 Mile run
What I did: 2 Mile run
I took the kids for a run right after supper since we didn't get a chance to get out earlier in the day. I promised them a stop at the park afterwards but apparently it's very tiring riding in the Chariot while your mom pushes you up and down hills!

Plan: Yoga
What I did: Rest day
I opted to not go to yoga since the race was the next morning.

This was my first 5 Mile race. I was quite excited to run this distance and Run For L'Arche always puts on a good race.
Race package that I picked up earlier in the week.
The race started at 10:15am which is kind of an odd time but I wasn't complaining about not having to get up super early! I was able to sleep in, and hubby made pancakes for breakfast.
The weather was a bit cool- around 0C and super foggy! I decided to wear long tights, thin long sleeve shirt, and my running jacket. I also wore my running belt- it's so drilled into me to wear it all the time but I actually wish I didn't because I spent half the race fixing it.
I arrived early at Eau Claire, where the race was held. I didn't know too many people racing but I did spot Tina, who I follow on IG, at the start line! It was nice to finally meet her in person! While waiting at the start line, someone recognized me as "blog girl!"
I took the prerequisite start line photo and soon we were off!
 I'm pretty sure they changed the course. All the printouts and online maps showed an out and back route, crossing immediately over the Prince's Island bridge but we instead turned left and ran alongside the river on the south side. My first KM was quite slow- I really had to push myself to move! Usually people start off too fast but that was not the case for me this race!
By the second KM I had found my goal pace. I still had to check my watch often to make sure I was on pace. I was also doing 10 and 1s.
Even though this is a 5 Mile race, I still trained and raced in KMs. I know my pacing in KMs and it just seemed easier to stick to what I know rather than switch to Miles for one race.
My water belt and phone in my pocket were really annoying. I kept having to adjust them and I just wish I had left my water belt at home since there were water stations and really for 5M, in cool weather, I would have been fine without it. I also think I need a new water belt since I think this one is stretched out.
The KMs were just going by! I could tell we were close to the turn around since the lead runners were on their way back!
They had a great cheering section at the turn around! Although they did say the forbidden line "You are almost there!" I checked my watch at this point and it said 3.30K so not quite halfway.
The last half of the race was how it was on the maps. We crossed over at Louise Bridge and ran on the north side of the river. It was still super foggy but comfortable to run in. I was actually getting a bit warm.
I was consistently staying on pace but as we neared the Prince's Island bridge I realized that the course must be short. Sure enough, according to my Garmin, it was half a mile short.
Distance: 7.3KM (4.5M)
Time: 44:45 min
I was still on pace to finish under 50 minutes, even if the course wasn't short so I am super happy with myself! Tina said her Garmin clocked 7.75K so I'm not sure what the discrepancy was.

And the best part is the bling! Will always run for a medal!

I quickly grabbed some food, coffee, stretched and headed home! It was a fun race and I'm looking forward to racing 5 Mile again!


  1. weird that there was a distance discrepancy! Congrats on finishing and with a good pace!

  2. Good work!!! So strange on the distance though, you'd think that would be an important thing to check! ha ha


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