Thursday, March 26, 2015

~Three Things Thursday~

1. My sis and I are on our way to Edmonton for the Maroon 5 concert tonight!! I am so excited for a girls night!! It's also my first night away from Leo. I would be lying if I said I wasn't almost as excited about a full night of uninterrupted sleep either!
2. I gave myself permission to take this week off from working out. I haven't done anything since my race on Saturday. I just need a few days to recharge and then I'll be back at it next week, along with an update on what's up next! I give a hint... more races!! :)
3. I've been a little frustrated lately with Leo (and Audrey's but less so) lack of eating. I just need to remember that he will eat if he is hungry and this is just a phase. Hubby also reminded me that Audrey was like this too. I think I just worry more about Leo because his weight has been on our minds since before he was even born, even though he is just perfectly little.
Sometimes he just likes to wear his food...

He's a fan of cookies and gelato...

And cake...

I'm sure in 15 years I will be pulling my hair out with the amount of food he will be consuming!


  1. Hope you have a great time at the concert!

  2. Have fun tonight! I cannot wait to hear what races you have lined up :) I am going to have a bit of a break for a couple weeks on working out too, 21 Fix kicked my butt! lol. I know it can be stressful when they will not eat but rest assured he is a smart little guy and will eat when he is hungry!

  3. Is this the age where they start getting picky? I noticed Noah starting to get a bit pickier too! But I was chalking it up to him not feeling well since getting his 12 month shots (at 13 months) but he does love cookies and ice cream!! Hopefully it gets better!! Have fun at the concert and enjoy your night out!!

  4. You picked a beautiful day to come to Edmonton - enjoy the concert! Ellie's small for her age too so I always stress about what she eats (or doesn't eat!). The paediatrician always tells me "She's not going to starve - just keep offering her healthy food!" Just wait until he's a teenager ...

  5. I hope the concert was so awesome!!! YAY for a night of uninterrupted sleep!! I took this week off from working out too!! I think it's good for our minds and body. I remember D going through that phase too and I hated it. But they wont starve themselves!


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