Monday, March 30, 2015

~Weekend Recap: Girls Trip, Maroon 5 and Playdates~

Wow the weekend went by so quickly! And what a fun one it was! I want to rewind and do it all over again!

My sister gifted me tickets to Maroon 5 for Christmas, in Edmonton, so Thursday the kids went to the day home. While I was sad to miss out on my 2 extra days with them, they love the day home so that made me feel better.

I enjoyed coffee and breakfast by myself! It was kind of lonely but I reveled in the peace and quiet for once!

My sister picked me up just before noon and we headed out for the 3 hour drive to Edmonton. It was so nice to catch up with her and just be the two of us. We never get that anymore since the children demand so much of our attention when we are together. We used to do lots of girls shopping trips and dinners before I had babies (her kids are older) but it's just so much harder now.

We went to West Edmonton Mall, one of the biggest malls around and power shopped. I needed new jeans and luckily found some right away. We also checked out Loft, which I have never been to since we don't have one in Calgary but didn't buy anything. They had lots of nice stuff, especially for work but nothing popped out at me.

We had a quick dinner before heading to our hotel to get ready for the show. We called a cab and headed to Rexall Place, all ready for our date with Adam Levine!

We didn't rush to get to our seats so by the time we got our drinks, the 2nd opening act was on the stage: Magic. There was a bit of an issue getting to our seats because someone was sitting in them but with the help of the usher, they moved and we were able to sit down.

Magic was pretty good. They are from Toronto. I recognized some of their songs and they had a decent stage presence, despite their horrible suits.

Finally Maroon 5 came on!! They are so amazing!!! They put on such a great show, interacted really well with the crowd and just had the place pumping! They played all my favourite songs!

Towards the end, Adam serenaded a girl on the floor who had a sign saying it was her birthday. Her name was Kristina, which is also my sister's name, so she said it was like he sang to her, since her birthday is next month! I totally arranged it all ;)

Then the best part happened (besides all the amazing singing and fun). Adam is singing away on the catwalk and this girl jumps up on the stage. Adam has his back to her so he doesn't see her until she is right there. He yells out "you scared the sh!t out of me" and she ran away, while security ran after her. He was pretty cool about the whole thing, saying how he was in the zone, singing away and suddenly this girl is right there! She must have been pretty stealth since she got through 17 layers of security! He joked she was being taken away to prison (she was escorted out of the stadium).

It was such a good show- I can't wait to see them again!

It took awhile to get a cab back to our hotel but we weren't really in a rush and it wasn't too cold out. We didn't stay up too late and had a nice, uninterrupted sleep. I woke a few times but slept in until 9am! Great night for my first night away from Leo!

Friday we went to a mall across the street from our hotel. They had a big Target and both my sister and I found some great deals. Still can't believe Target is leaving Canada...

We checked out a few more stores (ahhh child-free shopping!) and then headed home. We had a slight hiccup when we tried to fill up with gas. My sister's car has this new cap-less gas tank and the skinny Esso nozzles wouldn't go into the gas tank! We had to go to Petro-Canada to fill up! We were worried we would get stuck in Edmonton because we couldn't fill up the car!

I was pretty excited to see the kids but they didn't appear to miss me too much! They had so much fun at the day home the extra two days. They always have fun with Daddy too! Leo slept well at home, only waking once at 10:30pm.

Auntie A, Uncle D and Cousin L came over for a quick playdate after dinner. Auntie A and Cousin L were out of the country for the last couple of months visiting her family so the girls had lots of fun playing dress up!

Saturday started off slowly. Hubby wasn't feeling too well so I kept the kids occupied while he attempted to sleep a bit longer. We had pancakes and smoothies.


Leo tried to help rearrange the kitchen...

We played hairdresser...

Leo tried to climb into bed with Audrey...

In the evening, we went to our friends' house for dinner. Audrey had too much fun during the day and fell asleep during the 7 minute car ride over there so she napped for awhile...

The other two had lots of fun playing together though.

We miss our weekly playdates now that Moms are back to work so it was nice to catch up and see how much the kids have changed in one short month!

Sunday I went to the Mom and Tot Show and lunch with my friend who is expecting. There were lots of vendors there and we got some great samples.

Later on Cousin L came over again for another play date. The kids all have so much fun together!

After dinner, we went to the park and then bath time. These two had a rare bath together and they quite enjoyed it!

Suddenly it's Monday again! At least it's a short week... oh wait, not for me! I'm not complaining though! We get an extra day with Daddy at home (and he doesn't work next Monday and I do).


  1. Sounds like such an awesome girls trip and concert! Jealous of all your shopping! I love how much fun the kids have together too. :)

  2. Target FINALLY had some good sale prices..not like when they first announced they were going out of business! I managed to get about $170 worth of stuff for about $58! The concert looked like fun- I haven't been to one in AGES. Tyler/my work has Friday off for Easter. I think it's so weird, because you never get Fridays off for a weekend holiday, it's usually Mondays! No complaints though, a day off is a day off!

  3. Sounds like you and your sister had fun at the concert! What did you get from target? Anything worth me going there for?

  4. Love Adam Levine!! Sounds like such a fun getaway!! Glad you guys had a blast! Look at Leo with with bow ahaha! Too cute!! They are changing soo much!!


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