Monday, March 16, 2015

~Weekend Recap: Movies, Running & Ice Cream~

Hello Monday! Did you really have to bring the snow with you? I know I can't really complain because we have had the most mild winter ever, but I will anyway! I almost forget how to drive in that white stuff!

These last two weeks have just zoomed by! The work weeks goes by so quickly and then the 4 day "weekend" seems to go by even faster, if possible.

Let's rewind back to Thursday...

It was another gorgeous day so the kids and I went for a short run after lunch. We ended up at the park which is always the highlight for them. We pretty much did chores and crafts the rest of the day- a lazy day.

I promise they are usually happy...

She insisted on running the first little bit, but the wind was too much and she asked to go into the Chariot!

This guy has been working on his walking. He loves his push walker.

Audrey also spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's, who are back in town for a bit. It was nice to just hang out with Leo for a bit.

Friday morning Leo and I had chiro appointments. My lower back has been bothering me a bit- I'm sure from being back at work and wearing high heels and sitting all day long. Leo loves getting adjusted- he just smiles the entire time!

He also likes the toy box!

Afterwards, we picked up Audrey, went for lunch and ran some errands. I did a workout in the afternoon while Leo napped and Audrey watched me.

After yoga that night, Hubby and I watched Anchorman 2. It was kind of disappointing, I thought the first one was funnier but I watched to the end anyway!

Saturday morning I took Audrey to her first movie (other than when she was a baby). We went to a special screening of Cinderella.

We loved it!!! It was such a good adaptation.

Audrey sat on my lap the entire time because she is so light and the chair kept collapsing in on her. She wore her blue dress up gown which was quite fitting!

When the movie was over, we met up with Hubby and Leo for lunch, therefore missing swimming lessons unfortunately. Audrey did get to go on the carousel which was another highlight of the day for her!

It was a bit of a chaotic afternoon- Leo hadn't napped much and navigating the busy mall with a tired preschooler and antsy one year old was a bit challenging.

I was feeling a little blue in the evening, but nothing a peanut buster parfait couldn't fix!!

Sunday morning we met up with the running group. Parenting fail- we forgot the iPad! Audrey just wanted to get out and run and Leo wasn't super impressed about being contained so Hubby cut the run short and took a different route.

I had a great run though! The group ran 10K but I only did 8K so the last half I ran by myself. It was so nice to get outside again and the weather was perfect for running.

I met the family back at the Running Room, where I attempted to roll out my lower half but something kept getting in the way!!

Afterwards we went to Tim's for breakfast. I am glad I didn't have to clean up after Leo destroyed his muffin! Poor guy also had a diaper mishap- it came undone so he completely soaked his clothes and guess who didn't bring a change of clothes for him?!?

We didn't have plans for the rest of the day which was just perfect by me! I spent the rest of the day doing laundry, baking muffins and making food for Leo. And lots of relaxing! I needed a day like that.

Hubby and Audrey worked in the garden, planted some seeds- to germinate inside, don't worry- we aren't dumb enough to plant anything outside around here until after May Long!

Great weekend!! The next few ones are going to be busy so I'm glad we got some downtime as a family before the busy week started again.


  1. Sounds like the best weekend!! Glad you had some alone time with Leo and a date with Audrey. She is so cute at the movie!! How fun! And ice cream fixes all. We had DQ this weekend too. Hope the feeling of being blue went away! I complained about the snow too but we have been so lucky!!

  2. Sounds like a fab weekend! Leo is always dressed so adorably and it's so cute that you had a mom/daughter date! Glad to hear the movie was good-I actually want to see it. And DQ? YES.

  3. Snow? What? Do your know what that is hahah! We must have your weather (or our weather back) now!
    Sounds like an awesome weekend! I actually want to see that Cinderella movie, love that she wore her dress! Soo cute! Mmhmmm DQ looks yummy! McDonald's has their Cadbury cream egg mc flurries back and I'm excited!! Noah is loving ice cream now too, so it's not like I have to eat it alone anymore hahaha, although I might wish I could!
    Ugh forgetting a back up outfit is the worst and I am guilty of it! Luckily we don't have many issues! I should probably get our diaper bag back out and pack it properly instead of my purse now.
    Look at Leo, he will be walking in no time! I'm still not used to seeing Noah go on his own! It still makes me tear up a bit! Haha

  4. Boo to snow!! We only got a bit here, nothing that stayed overnight.
    I love that you and Audrey went to the Cinderella movie and she dressed up! Makes me excited for when A is older :)
    I hope your back feels better soon! And I have forgotten extra clothes and diapers for A a few times - smart Mom I am ;)

  5. Thats super cute she dressed up and sat in your lap! Remember when movie theaters used to have the uncomfortable plastic booster seats for kids?

  6. That wind was so terrible! And how fun that Audrey got to dress up and go to the movies...lucky girl!

  7. I just realized you live in Calgary and based on some pictures you are near me..If you ever want to meet up for a run (with our kids or not) please let me know. Hope this isn't weird.


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