Monday, March 23, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

Oh Monday, I'm tired! Another good, yet exhausting weekend is over. Now for some quiet time at work ;)

Let's rewind to Thursday...

In the morning, we went to a Momstown Music & Movement class, where we saw Alison and Delainey! Audrey pretty much hung out with them the entire class! We hadn't been to a Momstown event in awhile so it was nice to do something different- sing songs, chat with other moms and let the children play.

That night Hubby went to the hockey game so I took the kids for a run after dinner since it was way too nice to run on the treadmill after they went to bed.

Twenty minutes and this is what happens...!

Thankfully she transferred right to bed and slept the entire night. Mr. Leo looks pretty happy in that picture but he had been fussing the last little while! He really wanted to play at the park!
Friday was errands days. I had some things to return so we went to the mall, where I bribed the kids with the play area ;) Neither of them had any fun at all!

Saturday was Hubby's birthday!
It was also Race Day for me. I ran the Run For L'Arche 5 Mile. I met my goal, despite the course being short. It was a great race and I quite enjoyed the distance. I'll do a bigger recap later this week.
In the afternoon, we headed to our last swimming lesson! It was probably the best lesson- the water was super warm, the songs and activities were fun and we all had a blast!
That evening, Uncle C and Auntie L came over to hang out with the kids while Hubby and I went out to celebrate his birthday. His only request was that we do something alone- no big party so we went to Rodney's Oyster House which newly opened downtown. We have been to the one in Vancouver before and really like it. This location did not disappoint!
It was so nice to have a quiet dinner, just the two of us! It was the perfect way to celebrate!
Afterwards we stopped at Menchies for some dessert, which never disappoints!
Sunday was a lazy day. Hubby got a Vitamix for his birthday so we played around with that ;) I made a bunch of smoothies for Leo, since that's all he seems to want to eat these days.
We headed over to the Market for lunch and to pick up a few groceries. Sadly, it has been really slowing down there so a lot of stalls have closed down and they are consolidating the two floors. I sure hope it survives. Hopefully summer will be better and business will pick up.
Audrey and I went to Winners to do some shopping. I need to work on this girl's fashion choices... she wanted me to try these shoes on! Ugly! To be fair, I told her to find shoes that had size 8 on them!
Browsing the aisles...
It was a fun little date! We don't often get to spend one-on-one time together so we will have to make a point of doing something just the two of us more often.
Meanwhile, this little guy had a short afternoon nap but was surprisingly happy. He loves his walker- he does laps of the island! And this is his new funny face!

The evening was fairly quiet. I tried so hard to go to bed early but I failed miserably and was still up past 11pm. Maybe that's why I'm so tired.
I'm looking forward to this week!! Maroon 5 is on Thursday!!
Hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. sounds like a great weekend..yay for date night! ps aren't vitamixs the best?!!!

  2. Yay for date nights!! I am hoping we get out for supper alone this weekend, but that might change with funeral plans now (Chad's Grandpa passed away).
    I love our Vitamix! Avery refuses to sit for breakfast these days so smoothies are a life saver since she can carry it around and drink away all morning while we get ready :) Plus I think she gets way more nutrition from them than other breakfasts!

  3. Happy belated to your hubby!!! Sounds like a fun date night!! Live Leo's blue shirt with the deer on it! Where from? Boys clothes... So hard to find different things!! Good job on your run and I'm jealous of your moms town dates!! I like the chevron shoes - we need to teach A to grab those!!

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend! YAY for a date night and menchies! Win! ha ha I laughed at her shoe pick - good job on the 8! Nice work on your run, another chilly day!!

  5. Busy weekend! Happy belated birthday to J too :) did you guys end up selling your single Chariot? What do you think of them? We are looking into getting one as I could run with it and Brian could attach it to his bike


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