Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I am shamelessly steal(ing) this idea from Alison ;)

What have we been ~ING~ lately?


I made this delicious chocolate cake with buttercream icing for my sister's birthday on the weekend!
It's the same cake I made for Audrey's first birthday, although the icing is different. It was so yummy- not a crumb was left over! I think people liked it?


Today's Parent magazines- this summer I promise I will pick up a book that is neither parenting related or a children's book!

Children's books

One of my favourite books that I read to Leo almost every night is "On the Night You were Born."

Leo's favourite book is "Little Blue Truck"

Audrey's favourite books are Dora or Curious George. Or pretty much anything! Sometimes I go to check on her in her room and she is sitting quietly on her bed, reading. She also insists that any visitor read her multiple stories! She once insisted that the Doctor read to her at a check-up!



Spring fashion!! I love dressing up for work!

~Working Out~

I'm training for a 5K, and 10K as part of a Olympic distance triathlon. I've been loving these summer-like evenings which get me off the treadmill and out on the pathways! I'm loving that I'm getting faster too!

I've been fitting in some T25 workouts here and there too.

~ Loving~

That we are actually getting a spring!!! I know we aren't out of the woods yet for bad weather, (are we ever?) but I'm just so thrilled that we can spend evenings in the backyard, run in capris and flowers are starting to pop up!


When my alarm clock goes off at 5am! Thankfully that only happens 3 days a week so I can't really complain!


I should be working on photo books but I'm too busy enjoying the great weather so they will have to wait until it's raining or snowing!

I don't have any other DIY projects on the go but Audrey has been crafting a ton- mostly at the dayhome! On the days she doesn't go there, she still wants to do a craft! I love this creative side of her!


I've been keeping busy and loving my new adventure as a Rodan and Fields independent consultant! I also love my fancy new business cards!



Most of our playing has been outside:


At the park

At the Zoo

Ok, I better get back to some other things, like cook(ing), clean(ing)... ;)


  1. I love your work outfits! Where did you get those pants??

  2. I am still getting over how pretty that cake is! I think you should post a tutorial haha!
    We love those books too!! I just got Noah little blue truck for Easter! We are loving outside time finally!!

  3. I love your work outfits too! And, that cake looks amazing!!

  4. That cake looks AMAZING! You should do that professionally! haha! Your outfits are also really cute. Love the blue blazer over your springy dress!

  5. I should steal this idea back! ha ha I always need blog post ideas!! I LOVE that cake still, it's so pretty. I adore your outfits. I need a full length mirror at work!!


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