Wednesday, April 8, 2015

.:Leo: 13 & 14 Months:.

I'm having some mommy guilt because I did monthly updates for Audrey until she was 18 months so I feel like I should do the same for Leo. However, the changes are a little more subtle now so I think  I will do an update every 2-3 months. Assuming he sits long enough for me to take pictures!

Eating: Leo went through a picky phase- pretty much tossing everything on the ground, except his smoothies, raisins and cheerios. It was very frustrating for me because he barely seemed to be eating anything. He also refuses to drink milk (Goat's milk, Lactose-Free, and homo milk) from a bottle/cup. While I have been nursing him when I can, it was worrisome for me that he wasn't getting enough food. He had plenty of wet and dirty diapers so I just had to reassure myself that he is fine.

He seems to be moving out of this phase and is eating a lot more variety now. I noticed he cut another molar so maybe that's part of the reason for his pickiness.

I've introduced more dairy into his diet. He likes yogurt but isn't really a fan of cheese, unless it's in something and as I mentioned above, he doesn't like to drink milk.

I'm still nursing him 2-5x a day depending on if it's a work day or not. He doesn't seem that interested during the day and forget if there are any distractions at all. We will take it on a day-by-day basis.

Sleeping: We may have turned a corner with sleep but I am hesitant to get too excited and jinx it! I still do a dream feed around 10pm. Sometimes he wakes up in the night for another feed and lately he seems to be staying asleep until 6:45 or even 7:15am, without any wake ups.

Leo still naps twice a day but he is transitioning towards 1 nap. His naps at the day home aren't the greatest- he usually has 2x 45 minute naps. I'm hoping with the transition to 1 nap he will sleep better at the day home.  He's been going to bed around  6:30-7pm, depending on how he has napped that day.

Diapers: Size 3 Pampers Cruisers or Kirkland brand (so much cheaper!). He wears cloth diapers on the days I'm home but I can't be bothered with the extra laundry on the days I'm working so I'm ok with doing half disposables, half cloth diapers.

Weight/Size: He hasn't been weighed since February so I'm guesstimating he's around 19.5 lbs.

Hair and eyes: His hair seems to be getting a bit darker and it's filling in. It's also curling a little at the back! It's still dirty blonde/light brown. His eyes are still blue.

Leo's eczema comes and goes. It does seem to come back when he has dairy so I'm going to discuss with the Doctor at his next visit what we should do.

Milestones: Leo is walking lots with his walker! He isn't ready to take any unassisted steps yet. He likes cruising the furniture and does endless laps of the kitchen with his walker. He is fast too! He also likes to crawl up the stairs, when allowed.

Talking: Leo babbles quite a bit but he only has a couple works- Mama, Dada, Ahhh (for Audrey), Awww for water or food, Ba for ball.

Sign Language: Leo has caught on to sign language in the last couple of months. He signs for "milk", "water", "food", "all done" and "book"

Teething: Leo is up to 11 teeth. He just cut another bottom molar.

Personality: He's still such a laid back guy. He likes to make you giggle and smile but he has a serious side also. He does not like it when his sister takes things away from him and he's also experiencing some separation anxiety and shyness.
Likes: Books, baths, his stuffie Lion and any stuffie, pots and pans, playing in the Tupperware drawer, shoes, his walker, toy kitchen and anything that makes noise.

Dislikes: Stroller, carseat, being left alone, his face being wiped, looking at or smiling for the camera.

Misc: So far my transition back to work part-time has gone really well. Both Audrey and Leo love their new day home. It feels like the perfect balance only working 3 days a week.


  1. I hope Leo is eating better for you, I know Avery had one week where she'd only eat a few things after the flu and it was so frustrating! Avery cut her molars around 14 months too, all 4 in a week, craziness, now it is all her eye teeth.
    For the life of me I cannot see A going to one nap at home, at dayhome she has one but at home she has to have two, she will literally put herself to sleep if we don't. Maybe by summer!
    We use a few more disposables these days, especially if we are out doing things but if we are at home or dayhome cloth it is, we are on a good no leak run! lol.
    He seems like such a chill little guy!! Glad you are liking the 3 days a week :)

  2. Okay seriously, how cute is his outfit?! Awww...

  3. I cannot get over the bow tie. Love it. That first photo is so cute and eyes just pop! Delainey still needs her 2 naps. When we miss the AM one it is not a fun day! ha I should look into the Costco diapers!

  4. He is such a sweetheart! And those eyelashes!!!! :)

  5. Noah went through a fussy period too between 12.5 months and 13.5 months! Stinkers! He still won't drink cold milk, although we are trying cold milk in a cup now! He has 2 7.5 oz bottles a day and a 5 oz that we can maybe ween out if I can get him to drinking it cold haha. I should get some raisins for him to try! Love the pics of him! Such a gentleman! Yay Leo on the sleeping!! We are not quite ready for 1 nap yet! We just started having longer naps lately - which is amazeballs!!
    I just bought Noah size 4 pampers baby dry - they are big! But I switched out from buying the swaddlers assuming the size was the same because the swaddlers were getting small, but really we don't need the line indicator! Haha. I like the cruisers better, but baby dey is cheaper! How do the Costco compare?
    Noah loves his stuffed animals too!! The fluffy the better haha. I need to learn hw to handle this climbing business!! Mamas not ready!! Haha
    11 teeth?!?! Wow. We are still sitting at 8, I thought maybe another one was coming, but nope, unless it was a molar, which I have never thought to check! We are going to try brushing his teeth soon!


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