Thursday, April 9, 2015

~Training Update: What's Next?~

Now that the Run For L'Arche 5 Miler is done, I need a new goal to work towards! The best way for me to stay motivated and on track with working out is setting goals, which usually involves signing up for a race.

A bunch of the ladies at my Running Room have signed up for the Shopper's Drug Mart Run for Women on May 24th.

 I heard we will be wearing tutus so I'm in! My sister may or may not be joining me so I decided to do the 5K. I would really, really like to PR and do another sub 30 minute 5K so I'll be training hard for that.

I'm also doing my first triathlon in 5 years!!! I was actually shocked when I realized it's been that long since I did a tri! I am doing the Wasa Olympic Triathlon, which is the last triathlon I did!

This time, I am buddying up and doing a relay. My good friend, A, will be doing the swimming portion and my lovely sister-in-law, L, will be doing the cycling portion and I will be doing the 10K run! We are all pretty excited to be getting back into triathlons, even if it is just one discipline each this time around!

I had to modify some training programs since the races overlap. Tuesdays I will meet the half marathon group for their run, Thursdays I will add in some speed training or Chariot training and Sundays I hope to join the running club, with the family, for long runs.

1Rest4KCross train3K FartleksYogaRest7K run
2Rest4KCross train30 min tempoYogaRest7K run
3Rest4KCross train4K FartleksYogaRest9K run
4Rest4KCross train35 min tempoYogaRest5K Test
5Rest4KCross train5K FartleksYogaRest9K run
6Rest4KCross train40 min tempoYogaRest10K
7Rest5KCross train6K FartleksYogaRest10K
8Rest5KCross train30 min tempoYogaRest5K race
9Rest5KCross train4KYogaRest8K
10Rest5KCross train4KYogaRest9K
11Rest5KCross train4KYogaRest10K Race

So that's what I'm training for next! I will update my training along the way since I find that keeps me accountable.

What are you training for or your latest workout program? 


  1. You have some fun races coming up! I'm doing the 10K at the Calgary marathon so training for that and doing 21 day fix workouts as well

  2. That run sounds fun, I looked at doing it but am out of town for work that weekend :( I would love to do another tri with a team thought as I HATE swimming. My last one I had a panic attack in the pool and literally froze for 10 minutes. It is funny now ;)

  3. I wish I liked running! I would love to run a race at some point in m life.

  4. That's awesome!! Good for you guys! What a fun way to do a tri!!


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