Monday, May 4, 2015

~Ice Cream, Bikes and Bowling~

One word to sum up this weekend? FUN!! Here are some highlights:

We met up with Delainey and Alison on Friday for an ice cream date! I'm so glad Alison is always game to join us for some calorie-free (wink, wink) ice cream! We checked out the Tutti Frutti close to our houses and it didn't disappoint.

This girl knew she wanted pink ice cream and all the toppings!

Leo even got his own bowl of dairy-free sorbet. He LOVED it, as long as he didn't get brain-freeze!

This cutie- looking so grown up!

Taking their ice cream date very seriously!

Audrey and Delainey had fun playing/running around. Those two are going to get in so much trouble together!

Another highlight of the weekend was Audrey getting her 1st bike! She told me she wanted a pink bike, with pedals and a basket, so basically a Walmart bike! I knew from my own research and just seeing her try other bikes, that a Strider would be better for her right now.

After attempting to buy one at a bike shop, only to find them closed during their regular hours, after we drove all the way there, we found a home-based dealer close to us. Audrey and Daddy went to pick it up on Saturday, during Leo's nap time.

She was sooooo excited about it! I wanted to be practical and get a gender neutral bike to pass down to Leo but Audrey was dead set on a pink bike! Pink it is!

She's still getting the hang of it but in no time she will be a pro. For now I'm thankful that she isn't that fast!

Little bro just hanging out, watching all the fun.

Her big smile sums up how she feels about her new, pink bike!

Another new activity we did this weekend was bowling! We met up with a bunch of people from university and their families. It was nice to catch up with friends that we haven't seen in ages- and now that we all have kids! How times have changed!

The kids had so much fun bowling!

The most fashionable shoes around!

They worked up an appetite with all that bowling!

The kids even got a goodie bag with noise makers, sidewalk chalk and bubbles!

It was a fun weekend of trying new things! I love watching the kids experience new things- they get so excited and you really realize the joy in the simplest things!

I'm definitely looking forward to more bike rides, ice cream and bowling in the future!


  1. She looks so happy on the bike! Where did you get it from?

  2. Such an awesome weekend. So glad she likes the bike even though it doesn't have a basket and pedals! You will be able to easily sell it after she is done with it if you don't want Leo on a pink one! haha She looks like a pro, D doesn't quite sit yet. You know I am always up for calorie free dates, they are my favorite!! :) Bowling looks so fun, we haven't been in ages!

  3. Yay for fro-yo dates! I say this all the time but I mean it - we need to make a trip south to see you guys! I can play hooky from work :) Love her and her bike, so cute! Leo might like a pink bike, who knows ;) I tried to get A pedal on a tricycle friends gave us and she screamed at me, so I will try in a month again.

  4. Soo jealous of your ice cream dates! Do they have wifi there we could FaceTime me in haha! Wouldn't that be fun? Lol
    Love the strider bike, I need to do some research - I like the idea of them! Not that Noah is near ready for that yet lol. That's probably the nice thing about having a boy first is the gender neutral factor haha.
    Noah is a mad pizza eater, he loves it!!

  5. How cute is that ice cream date! I love anything that has to do with froyo and ice cream! I love her bike. She looks so proud riding it!

  6. mm now I want fro-yo! And hey, maybe Leo might like a hand me down pink bike!

  7. That sounds like a pretty great way to spend the weekend. Love how happy A is on her bike! So fun.

  8. That bike is adorable!!! I love Strider bikes!!


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