Tuesday, May 19, 2015

~May Long Weekend Recap~

Guy, it happened again! I blinked and the weekend is over! Please let me know if you have any secrets on how to STOP that!

We had a pretty laid back long weekend- it was actually kind of perfect that way! The weather wasn't the greatest but since we weren't camping or had any major outdoorsy plans it wasn't a big deal.

Thursday the kids and I just ran some errands. Which involved Leo getting a football. Highlight of his life!

He has also started climbing up everything! He has no fear! Heart attack central for mama!

There was some pirate ship building happening as well- aka destroy Mom's house. Whatever keeps them entertained and safe...

Friday was fairly uneventful- a few tantrums and playing with any kitchen utensil he can get his hands on! No need to buy him any new toys- a spatula will do!

We did have some friends over for dinner that we hadn't seen in a long time! I hate when life gets in the way and that happens! They hadn't even met Leo before! They are now expecting their first baby this summer. I wish I had taken pictures of Audrey bossing J around in the kitchen... she kept us entertained!

Saturday was errand day. It started snowing so we stayed inside for most of the day. Can't be May Long without some rain or snow! I'm just glad I wasn't camping!

My bestie came over for dinner. We spent the evening talking about babies (she found out she's having a girl last week) and how our lives have changed! Mostly good changes though!

Sunday the weather cleared up so we spent some more time outside. Finally! I met up with a friend for a 10K run/walk. It was so nice to catch up with K and having company made it much better! I even got a sunburn on my neck and chest because I forgot to put on sunscreen! Oops!

Hubby and the kids were doing some gardening when I got back.

Can you tell he's the 2nd child? Sure, eat some dirt! He was less than impressed when I told him he couldn't eat rocks though.

Monday we checked out Bowness Park. It's still under renovations after the 2013 flood so a lot of the paths weren't open yet. Audrey just wanted to play on the playground anyway! It was busy too!

Leo had a bit of fun too! He's destroying his pants with all his crawling though! Oh look, a spatula in his hand...

I also managed to check off a couple things from my To-Do list during nap time that have been bothering me for awhile- I finally got around to finishing and ordering our 2014 photo book and I added photos to Leo's baby book (although I still have more to do!). It feels sooooo good to have crossed these things off the list!

Now I need to start working on Leo's first year photobook. I'm dreading this, especially with the recent changed to iPhoto/Photos. I need to do it though!

After dinner, we went for a walk/bike ride to the park. Audrey alternates between riding her bike and pushing it... She's getting a lot more comfortable but I think sometimes she gets tired so she needs a break.

Can't resist taking a photo of this happy guy!

That wraps up our relaxing long weekend! I'm so excited to have a short week! Work is crazy busy though.


  1. YAY for shirt weeks! Looks like a great weekend! Oh man I have still not ordered D's baby/1 year book. Blah. Good for you!! Looks like a fun playground at Bowness!

  2. I love that he's carrying his spatula hahaha! I know the feeling of checking things off a to-do list! Sooo good!!

  3. Photobooks are so fun... I must admit that I am still working on ours from 2010 though! Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend!

  4. Good thing he had that spatula handy at the park! you never know when cooking needs to be done! pretty awesome that you all had lots of outdoor time this weekend. I crave some sun!

  5. So is he a walking machine now or what? Did he move all those cushions? Noah loves kitchen utensils too!! Looks like you made the best of the weekend! Snow?!? Crazy - we had summer temps, yesterday was super hot and humid! We need to work on our gardens... It's weed central over hear after getting all this heat! That and my grass is needing to be cut 2/3x a week! Love all the pics!! We did our pics with Whit the first year we were down at bowness! Crazy to think how much it must have changed!

  6. Leo and the kitchen supplies is hilarious! He is turning into such a little man. Adorable!! I love Audrey with her bike!


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