Tuesday, May 26, 2015

~SDM Run for Women 5K Race Report~

 The Country Hills Running Room (CHRR) put together a team for the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women- our final count was 51 people. We were the largest team in Canada! We dressed up in tutus, with even a few male team members participating!

The run was held at Edworthy Park. Since there wasn't much parking there, a bunch of us met at 7am and carpooled to get a parking spot. The race didn't start until 9:15 so we were there early!

The day started off a bit cool, especially close to the river. I'm glad I wore my sweater or else I would have frozen!

One goal for this race was to take lots of pictures! I managed to achieve that without too much issue!

Lynn and I

Penny, our Team Captain and I

Howard- best and tallest pacer!

Nikki or Tinkerbell? and I

Mama-to-be Janet

Karen and I

Trying different ways of wearing our tutus!

We waited around for what seemed like forever but we had lots of people to talk to and the race organizers did a good job of keeping everyone entertained.

I probably should have brought some extra food- by the time the race started I was hungry again! I had a couple Power chews but since I hadn't tried them before I was a bit hesitant to eat too many in case they didn't agree with me.

The Kids 1K race was first. It was pretty cute to see them all running! If it wasn't such a logistical nightmare (having to be at the race so early, lack of parking) then I would have signed Audrey up. Maybe next year!

The 10K started next and most of our team was doing it.

Lined up and ready to GO!

Finally it was time for the 5K to start. I did not properly seed myself so I had a lot of walkers to dodge at the beginning. It was a tight running chute and I was closer to the middle-back. I started to stress in the first kilometer because I was not running at my goal pace and I was losing precious time! My goal was to go sub 30 minutes and I knew every second counted!

Thankfully by the 2nd KM things spread out so I was able to run comfortably at my goal pace. It was a struggle though. Mentally I was stuck on the fact that my first KM was 20-30 seconds slower than I wanted it to be and I didn't have any room to slow down at all. I was breathing hard the entire race!

It had also warmed up quite a bit by the time the race started. The sun was beating down on us. HOT!

I got a lot of compliments on my tutu while I was running! I will admit it was a bit of a pain- it kept getting stuck between my legs but it wasn't uncomfortable, I just didn't know if it looked funny or not! It won't deter me from wearing a tutu for another race! I can't easily wear a tutu and a water belt since I wear my belt so low so I'm not sure I would wear it for anything longer than a 5K though.

There was a water station at the turn around (~3K) so I had a quick sip.

On the way back I started passing a lot of people. I looked at my watch and it said 3.82K- the end was close! A quick calculation made me realize that I would be under 30 minutes if I kept that pace.

On the way back is when we started seeing the 10K runners. It was so nice to see some of my fellow team mates!

In no time, I was back at the bridge to cross back into Edworthy Park. The end was so close!

The finishing chute was a lot less crowded this time! It was sweet relief when I crossed that finish line!

Final results:

Chip Time: 28:53
Gun Time: 28:53
Division Placement: 10/145
Overall 5K Placement: 58/595

Woohoo!!! I did it!! With plenty of time to spare!

Why I have the same gun time and chip time I'm not sure. I noticed when looking at the results that some other people did as well. My Garmin time said 28:07 but I also messed it up at the start so it took a few seconds to connect. Either way, I am more than thrilled with my time!

At the finish line, we were handed these pretty bracelets! Makes up for not getting a medal!

I stuck close to the finish line so that I could see my friends finish. Good thing because I managed to see Kaella finish! She had an awesome 10K race with a PR too! It was so nice to finally meet her and London!

After the race, I signed the message board. I love this idea! So many inspiring things were written here.

Grabbed some post-race food and iced coffee courtesy of McDonalds!

Watched a few more of our team mates finish! We were easy to spot!

Team CHRR- posing for a photo- always entertaining!

This was the swag bag- bag, nice technical shirt and finisher's bracelet!

I had such a blast doing this race!! I am definitely doing it next year and highly recommend it to anyone! Tutus are a must! Who's with me??


  1. Good work!! I think tutus are the only way you'd get me to run a real race. I only do fun ones! You guys looked great!

  2. Awesome job!! I love wearing tutus for races. I PR'd twice, in a 10K, while wearing one so I think they're good luck ;)

    It was so great to see you!! I'll be back next year for sure! I think I'll be signing up London too!

  3. Awesome race!! I did the Starbucks Run for Women a few years ago which sounds similar to this one and loved it!

  4. Awesome job on the PR! That is so exciting, and I love the tutus! :)


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