Wednesday, May 13, 2015

~Thrilled- Annoyed- Loves- Excited- Proud~

Here's a little mix of randoms for this Hump-day/my Friday before an extra-long weekend!!

THRILLED: about the exciting news earlier this week that my bestie is having a...

I know they are just thrilled to be having a baby and a girl is so much fun! Can't wait to spoil this much-awaited little one!!

ANNOYED: Sometimes I just hate change! For example, when an app is updated, I pretty much want to cry! Why must they make it different?? My latest "beef" with change is the new Photos for Mac. It's completely messed up all my pictures- disorganized them, making it so difficult for me to find and upload photos for the blog. It's supposed to help back up my pictures so if anything was to happen to my computer, everything would be safe but if I can't find them now, how am I going to find them later? Some swear words were said at my computer the last couple of nights. I need IT to be on standby for all my technical issues!

We have also been having internet issues off and on for what seems like forever. Our wifi stops working, we call Shaw, they troubleshoot with us, it works for a bit and then we start the process all over again the next week. It's frustrating to say the least! After last night's call (2nd time in less than a week), we are getting a new, free, modem which better fix the issue!!

LOVES:  Due to the above mentioned issue(s), I wasn't able to post the photos hubby took of me and my babies on Mother's Day so better late than never! It's still a challenge to get decent photos but we got a couple keepers!

Most of them look like this...

EXCITED: Since I've had some interest here, I thought I would share that I am hosting a Rodan + Fields Virtual Product Presentation tonight on Facebook. Comment below or email me ( if you would like an invite to the event.

PROUD: Look at this!!!! Sub-30 minute 5K!! So ready for race day in less than 2 weeks!! In a tutu none-the-less!

Tell me something you are thrilled, annoyed, love, excited or proud about!


  1. My dad has the same complaint about photos for Mac. You aren't alone! He was really frustrated.

    And hurrah for your sub-30 5K!

  2. I feel the same way about iPhoto! It has been so frustrating finding my photos, but I think I finally have it figured out. I do miss the old version, though. Awesome job on the sub 30 minute 5k! I ran last night for the first time in a while, and it felt good to run again! :)

  3. For some reason, I thought you were announcing you were pregnant (the first photo popped up in my reader hahahaha!)

    I love the photos from Mother's Day. For every 10 photos, I get, one usually is okay to use :P

  4. I also thought you were announcing a pregnancy again!!

    I'm still frustrated about the Mac Photos update. I hate it. HATE IT. If someone can figure out how to make it better, that would be great. I can't find anything and have so many multiples of some photos. It's absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention I can still never find new uploads. Apparently it's easier if you use the cloud but I don't and I don't know how. Frankly it scares me.

    Woot! Good job on the sub30. That's going to be my goal for after these May races.

  5. Love the pics!! I'm annoyed that my child is climbing on everything and it makes me want to cry because I'm scared he will fall! Granted he hasn't... Yet!
    I think I need to learn more about this pictUr thing!
    Oh I'm loving that I downloaded all of Luke Bryan's CDs last night haha

  6. I hate change too! I always tell Chad all I want is one good photo now lol. Awesome job on your run too! I find it hard to run fast outside but on the treadmill I can - weird!
    "Talk" to you tonight!

  7. I really dislike the new Photos app - it is horrible!

  8. I actually laughed out loud at the photo of both kids looking away! Haha! So cute.

    Great job on your super speedy run!!

  9. Good job on the run! Im excited to go home to NY in September..but I CANNOT wish the summer away!

  10. Nice work on the run!! Those are awesome pics with the kids, we didnt' take any! urg. SO SO SO happy for your bestie! Girls are so fun!


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