Wednesday, May 6, 2015

~Why I Run & Training Recap~

On the weekend,  I was tagged on Instagram for #Why I Run. I shared a couple reasons and it really got me thinking about why I run because my first few memories of running are not good ones and some days I can't believe I run for fun!!

My first memories of running include the dreaded "12 Minute Run" in high school that we would have to do each semester. You would run laps around the gym, for 12 minutes. I dreaded it for weeks. It was embarrassing, partly because half the class was watching you while you ran and someone would count your laps. And it was hard!! 12 minutes felt like eternity!! Obviously I wasn't "athletic" in high school!

Another "not-so-great" memory of running was just after I got married. Hubby and I decided we needed to get into shape and he was training for a sprint triathlon. I had been going to the gym frequently but mostly lifting weights, doing classes and cardio on the elliptical. I stayed clear of the treadmill because I hated running! So one day hubby asked me to join him for a short run outside. I begrudgingly laced up my shoes, cross trainers, and headed out with him. Within 5 seconds I was cursing him, in between gasps, exclaiming that "people do this for fun?" Needless to say, that run was short, not sweet and I swore I would never run again. Back to the gym I went!

Fast forward a year later, I watched hubby do his first triathlon and I was inspired. Watching people of all fitness levels and ages compete in the triathlon made me realize that I could also do it. I didn't run, I didn't have a bike and I had only ever swam for fun- I didn't know how to do front crawl, but with determination and training, I could do it too!

Finishing my first triathlon!! And I was hooked!

After doing triathlon for a couple years, I decided that I wanted to do a half marathon. You know, like check it off my bucket list kind of thing. Well, it turned into more than just checking off my bucket list! I fell in love with the half marathon distance! I've done 10 half marathons and plan to do many more!

So "Why Do I Run?"

~ Running has completely changed me, for the better. I was never an athletic girl, I was never part of team sports growing up. I didn't have confidence in myself or my body's abilities. Running taught me mental and physical strength. Even though I wasn't "athletic" growing up, I am now! Running has shown me that I can push myself beyond what I ever thought I was capable of. I can do whatever I put my mind (and body) to.

My first half marathon
~ Running has led me to so many amazing friendships over the years. Without running, I wouldn't have started blogging. Without blogging, I would not have met so many wonderful people that I now consider some of my closest friends. I have met so many inspiring people through running and I really feel like my life has been enriched by knowing them.

~ I run because it's one thing that can make a hard day good again. It's my "me" time- when I feel I'm being pulled into a million directions, everyone wants/needs me, I go for a run and I can tackle anything. I've never regretted a run before.

~ I run to be a good example for my family. Staying active and healthy is such an important lesson to teach my children. Plus, it's something that I can do with my children!

Audrey's 1st race!

On to my training recap for the week!

This week was better than last (which I completely took off from training due to my cold). I had to switch a few things around from the plan but as long as I get my workouts in I'm happy! :)

Monday: 4K run

Tuesday: 3K run

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: T25 Speed Workout attempt with children by my side!

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: 5K run. I just ran around the neighborhood on my own. Not as long as I should have gone but I had a time constraint.

All solo runs this week, which is ok considering I'm just doing shorter distances right now.

Tell me one reason why you run or workout!


  1. Love this whole post! We have a ton in common. I was never athletic, and still don't consider myself so. I cannot catch or throw a baseball if my life depended on it ;) So running because the same thing for me, somewhere I can gain confidence in my physical abilities. I use running as my me time as well, so important now, especially as a Mom! And involving our families in it will go a long way for our kids as they grow up and see physical activity can be fun!

  2. What race was that? It seems so long ago! And loved this post! Running since having Amelia means a break for me and my happy place on those tough days in motherhood. I'm hoping she'll see me being active as she grows up and wants to be as well

  3. I love this!

    I was the same as you, not athletic in high school and skipped most gym classes. Sometimes I have no idea why I run because it can feel so damn terrible but I keep doing it because some part of me thinks its fun, it's good for me, and I motivate and inspire others.

  4. Love this post!! Thankful for this blog for sure! I wish I loved running more but I like to just run with the dog and casually, for fun! :)

  5. This is my new favourite post- so proud of you! Brought a tear to my eye.


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