Wednesday, June 3, 2015

~ My Current Favourites~

I wanted to share a few favourites as of late.

1. Beauty Blender

My mom gave me a beauty blender for Christmas and it took me 5 months to actually give it a try! I used to use a foundation brush every day and was happy with it but THIS is AMAZING!! I will probably never use my foundation brush again!

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo

I love dry shampoo! It's definitely a hair product staple in my bathroom! Since I usually only wash my hair every 2-3 days, I need it on those off-days to keep the greasies away. My favourite brand is Batiste- it's cheap too! I usually find it at Winners for $7 a can and I try to stock up since I do go through it every 6-8 weeks. Nothing worse than running out of your dry shampoo!

3. Soft leggings

I like comfortable pants! At home I'm always in leggings or lulus- much easier to get down on the floor with the kids! I apparently don't take many pictures of myself wearing them though!

Here are a couple pairs that I am resisting buying...

4. Simply Protein Bars

I bought a box of these at Costco and they are great for on the go. They definitely keep me full for awhile and aren't too heavy in the tummy.

5. Birks

I swore I would never wear Birks- they were old lady shoes! I somehow got sucked into them last summer, probably because they are so darn comfortable! I can walk for miles in these without my feet getting sore. They do take some getting use to though- it took me a week of wearing them around the house to make sure they actually fit and I would keep them. Gizas are my favourites.

6. My new trench coat

Like Birks, I resisted the trench for awhile but finally decided that it's a wardrobe staple. The inside fabric has bicycles on it so I had to have it! I wear it almost every day to work, unless it's raining and then I wear a rain jacket with hood... like today.

7. Vitamix

Another thing I resisted for awhile but finally caved because our previous blender was not cutting it anymore. Wow, I can't believe I waited so long to add the Vitamix into my life! It makes everything so much easier! It's an investment but considering that we use it daily, it's worth it! Great for making baby food too! Baby Bullet has nothing on this!

8. The Good Wife

Addicted to this show! I don't watch a lot of TV but this is one of my favourites!! I broke down and paid for the current season which says a lot!

9. Monthly house cleaning

It started as a couple gift certificates for various occasions- great gift idea for a new mom or busy mom! Once I went back to work, we decided that a monthly house cleaning made sense to help with the deep cleaning. Of course I still have to clean regularly, pick up after the two little tornadoes but at least I'm not spending too much time doing heavy cleaning. It definitely lightens the load.

10. Moscato

Ashley introduced me to Moscato and a friend brought a bottle of Barefoot Moscato over on the weekend! Yum yum!! I will be adding this to my long liquor store list!

Do you have any favourites that you think I should try?


  1. I thought about trying the beauty blender when I saw it at Sephora, I use my fingers, I know a total no-no!
    I could not live without a Vitamix!
    I've been eyeing up Birks too! lol
    We had a gc once and had Merry Maids come in and after that I swore I would never pay someone to clean our house. I can do a better job in under an hour weekly. I am way too OCD probably ;) And Chad is too!
    Love the new Bacardi Apple Cider drinks :) A must try.

  2. Sadly enough I had to look up what a beauty blender was haha. I've heard that dry shampoo is good, I will have to remember to look next time. I've been using tresemme. Love me some moscato!! Haha! I will have to get you the brand I'm drinking now of moscato! I would love a cleaner to come in and do the odd jobs I hate, like baseboards, blinds and windows ahah, but that's kind of silly being a stay at home mom, granted my time is just not the same and I can't get anything done with Noah. Love the good wife! Granted I didn't love this last season compared to the others!

  3. ahahah before I read about the beauty blender, I thought it was an actual blender of things. like a Vitamix. My brain= fried. Also, I need one of those STAT. I'm not a huge fan of moscato because it makes my teeth feel furry but I mean....I wouldn't pass on it if anyone offered me some :) I tried to jump on the dry shampoo train, but it was a huge no go. I NEED to wash my hair everyday.

  4. Going to google Beauty Blender - i'm like Lindsey, I just use my fingers.
    I loved having Molly Maids come in and do some deep cleaning. I just don't have time. I wish I could get it monthly.
    Those floral leggings are pretty!

  5. I also LOVE moscato wine. So yummy!! I really want a pair of birks but have been resisting them for the same reason (old lady shoes, ha!) but my friend has a really cute silver pair that are actually quite stylish. I think I'm going to have to take the plunge. Did you get blisters when you were breaking them in?

  6. I'm terrible with make up and have never heard of that before. I have that dry shampoo too and love it! It's a life saver

  7. I love this whole post and want it all. Yes the wine. YES!!! urg. ha ha I may need try that beauty bender - where do you get it or just online? I love those leggings. Leggings are my to go for sure! And I'll look for the dry shampoo, I have never found one I like and end up just using bay powder!


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