Tuesday, June 16, 2015

~Weekend in Wasa & Wasa Olympic Triathlon Relay Race Report~

It was so crazy busy last week that I didn't have a chance to update that we were going to Wasa on the weekend for the triathlon relay!

We jetted out of town Friday morning. We had a moment of panic when we thought we were going to have to take my smaller SUV because hubby's has an oil leak (long story, expensive to fix- time to get a new vehicle). This would have meant greatly reducing what we could bring, basically to the bare minimum because I don't have rails on my vehicle for the topper and the trunk is smaller too, We assessed the risk and decided that his vehicle would be fine as long as we watched the oil.

The drive out ended up being relatively stress free. It was cold and rainy at home so I was a bit worried that I didn't pack enough warm clothes for us at the lake but we ended up being fine.

The kids were pretty well behaved- we didn't even have to pull out the iPad and it was a 5+ hour drive! We did stop in Banff for lunch though.

We arrived at Wasa around 3pm and got settled in. Hubby's parents got there the day before and not long after we arrived, Uncle C and Auntie L rolled in. We had a relaxing evening- hanging out and resting after a long week.

Oh and Leo and I had both come down with colds. Yuck! Plus he cut another tooth!

The night was rough- Leo rarely sleeps well in the pack n play- runs out of space so I was up and down all night. Then he decided 5am was wakeup time, since the sun was shining in the window. Thankfully hubby let me sleep in and that I did! I didn't get up until 10am! Guess I needed my sleep!

We had a pretty lazy day- I went for a short run around noon, and we mostly just hung around the cabin. Audrey went on a canoe ride which she loved and Leo teared around the placed with the push truck, destroying pant legs and his own knees!

I didn't take many pictures as I tried to have an unplugged weekend.

We picked up our race package in the afternoon and when my friend Aliece and her family arrived, we headed down so she could check in too. They settled in, we had a nice dinner and kids went to bed.

Unfortunately Leo was having a hard time staying asleep so I had to cut the evening short so I could cuddle him. Probably a good thing since it forced me to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Plus Leo ended up sleeping in our bed that night so it wasn't the best sleep for me.

Now onto the whole reason we were at Wasa!!

It's been 5 years since my last triathlon and it was the Wasa Olympic Triathlon, although I did it as a solo athlete, not part of a team.

I forgot about all the logistics of triathlons! Even though I wasn't going to be running till around 10:30, I still had to get up so early to prepare and support the rest of my team. My father-in-law was also competing in the Sprint distance.

We arrived at Transition at 7:30am, just in time for the pre-race meeting. We got ourselves all set up in transition and discussed our transition/passing off of the timing chip. 

First off my father-in-law started his race at 8am.

 We had a bit of time before Aliece started her swim so we hit the port-a-potties and helped her get into her wetsuit.

We saw my father-in-law come into transition from his swim

Then it was time for Aliece to line up- since we were part of a team, she was instructed to start with the Olympic Men. Glad she was swimming and not me!

While we waited for Aliece to finish her swim, my father-in-law came back from his bike portion and onto the run!

Aliece came out of the water right on schedule.

I didn't get any pictures of Laura on her bike since we were so busy during the transition, making sure we switched the timing chip.

It was perfect racing weather- it wasn't too hot.

Killing time while Laura cycled away...

 Before we knew it, Laura was back and it was time for me to RUN!

It's such a great run course- I always enjoy running at Wasa. There is a lot of variation- pathway, treed areas, road, sandy beach trails...

The 10K course has an out and back portion, which passes by our family friends' cabin twice. Perfect for my cheerleading crew to set up! 

I felt really strong for the first 5K- I was exactly on schedule for my goal. I started taking my Gu Chomps at my first walk break. However, I felt my energy diminishing quickly! I tried to eat extra food in between my breakfast and my run start but it clearly wasn't enough.

I didn't carry water with me for this run and instead stopped at pretty much all 8 water stations, to either drink or pour water on myself!

Around 7K, hubby and my brother-in-law drove past me on their way to the finish line. They perked me up a bit since I was feeling exhausted at this point.

At the 8K mark, you run past transition and loop around for the next 2K. They were definitely the hardest. I had to walk a few extra times. I just had zero energy. The volunteers were great though- cheering everyone on and so organized at the water stations.

Finally I was back on the path towards the finish line and I sprinted for the last 500m! SO happy to be done!

I finished in 1:02:08 so 2 minutes over my goal but still a pretty good effort.

At the finish line, I found out Aliece was at the medic tent since she had a really bad headache after her swim that just got worse and worse. Thankfully it went away as the day went on.

Overall we are pretty happy with our time!! None of us trained seriously for the race, it was just to have fun and experience a triathlon again. 

Swim 1500m- ~38 minutes**
Transition #1- 1:53
Bike 40K- 1:21:12
Transition #2- 47s
Run 10K- 1:02:08

Overall time ~ 3:04

** The actual swim results aren't accurate- we think they based the teams' swim time as starting with the Oly women, not the Oly men, which started 15 minutes beforehand. 

The race was a lot of fun- it kind of makes me want to train for a sprint triathlon! Or maybe we will just do another team triathlon again!


  1. What a fun weekend minus the colds and teething Leo though :) and nice job on your run!

  2. How fun! Awesome job on the run! I really like the idea of doing it as a team. Glad you had a fun weekend!

  3. What kind of vehicles do you guys have? And what kind of sleep sack do you use for Leo? Poor guy! Noah is cutting molars right now.. Fun time... NOT!! Good job on the race!!! Sounds like you made the best of the weekend away!! Looks like the kids had fun!! I'm interested to see how Noah sleeps in his pack and play at the lake this summer lol!

  4. sounds like a pretty great family weekend and event! good thing the weather was pretty nice

  5. You did great! I did a mini try a few years ago and hated the swim SO much but would love to do a team on like this.
    Poor Leo! How is he this week? Seems like there is a nasty summer cold going around :( I am dreading having A sleep in the pack and play on holidays in a week. I almost wondered if it is worth bringing! But she napped at one at dayhome till this week (went to a floor mat) so maybe it will be ok. And yes, our vehicles do not have enough room for a road trip!

  6. What an awesome weekend!!! This is so fun you guys did this!! And you did awesome!!
    I'm sorry Leo didn't sleep well. :( And that makes for long nights for you too. Glad the drives went well though. I'm jealous of your Somersbee. :)

  7. Such a beautiful weekend for the race, I'm sad that I missed it this year! We'll have to do it in the same year and meet up one day :)


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