Monday, June 1, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

It's Monday!! Never thought I would be so excited for Monday to roll around!

To be honest, it was a tough weekend. Hubby had to work most of it. I always forget how busy this time of the year is for him and how he often has to work on the weekends. So we missed him immensely and I'm exhausted from "single parenting" 4 days straight. I bow down to the moms and dads that do this on a daily basis, with no reprieve in sight. My heroes!

Thursday is turning into Zoo day for us! We met up with Hubby's cousin and her 2 littles ones that are each almost exactly 9 months younger than my 2! The little girls had a blast and were so cute together! The weather wasn't the greatest but they didn't care!

White bear having a bath!!

Giraffe watching

Checking out Sheldon the tortoise

Hanging out with the rhino

I promise we did have the boys with us, I just failed to take any pictures of them!

Friday we all went to the chiropractor for adjustments. I had an ache in my back after my race and it had been a couple months since we had seen her. The kids LOVE the chiro! They play with the toys while we wait and just love getting their adjustments!

We went for sushi for dinner which we all love! I was just happy to not have to cook or clean up afterwards!

I hit up Costco after the kids were in bed and surprisingly it was fairly quiet and an enjoyable trip! Must do that more often because it's way better than dragging the kids there on a Saturday!

Saturday hubby worked so the kids and I just hung out most of the day. Nothing too crazy! We did some reading and playing.

She told me it was too bright- it was cloudy and overcast outside. Ok...

This guy had a rough day- he pretty much did this all day long! Teeth?? Separation anxiety? Either way, it was a struggle.

That evening I had a much needed Girls Night at my house- wine, snacks, good company and the opportunity to share more about my new business with Rodan + Fields... priceless! I so needed this night to recharge and just hang out with the girls! Of course I stayed up way too late though!!

Sunday was a beautiful day after several days of rainy and overall dreary days! The kids and I spent a bunch of time playing in the backyard, while hubby worked again :( As hard as it was on me to have to solo parent, I really feel bad that he had to work so much since I know he would have much preferred to be home.

Enjoying their new water table- sans water!

This kid LOVES climbing in and out of his chair!

Yes, his pants have holes in them. They went straight into the garbage afterwards- his pants are just getting destroyed!

Walking in circles, stepping on the rocks.

Little daredevil!

I almost spent the morning following a bunch of my running friends that were racing various distances at the Calgary Marathon! Congratulations to Leigh, Becky, Kaella, and everyone else that ran!! I wished I was there too- next year!!

After the kids went to bed I snuck out for a run. Unfortunately with hubby working most of the day I wasn't able to get my long run in but a short run is better than no run! Plus it was still beautiful at 8pm!

And that's a wrap!

Tell me one exciting thing you did this weekend!


  1. I agree single parents amaze me!! I wish Avery liked chiro, we quit going since it was a MAJOR meltdown the last few times, so weird since she went ever since she was born and used to be ok.
    I stalked everyone at the race too. I wish I could have gone but just too many races and could not justify the money on hotels, fees etc to run 10km.
    I love evening runs, still so nice out but not too hot like during the day. I usually go out at least once a week at 8pm.

  2. WOW Busy and yes I give it up for single parents. I love weekend. Your girls night sounded perfect especially with hubby working so much!

  3. Busy weekend!

    Thanks for the shout out. It was a fun weekend! Just wish there was more time to see more people (you and Alison!!)

  4. Busy weekend you had! Hands down to you...single parenting is hard! I definitely couldn't do it! And thanks for the mention :) were you able to live track people?

  5. I feel like that single mom come spring, luckily M gets home just intime to do the bedtime routine most nights! It's definitely long days! Glad you got some breaks! Girls night sounds fun! We bought a zoo season pass for this little zoo not far from me! We are pretty excited, granted it's no Calgary or Toronto zoo, but it's small enough and not busy at all, great for Noah haha.
    What is with boys being daredevils? Noah is constantly seeking thrill haha

  6. Costco on Saturdays even without kids is a gongshow! I went on a Wednesday afternoon once, thinking it would be better and the line was an HOUR long. So hit or miss.

  7. I love the zoo pictures! So cool that you guys can go often, and the kids seems to love it. The picture of A and L reading on the couch together is precious!


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