Monday, June 29, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

Here are some highlights of our weekend- including this guy officially walking!!

He is also obsessed with spoons!! Every meal and/or snack he needs a spoon in his hand!
I met up with a friend for dinner on Thursday, that I hadn't seen in awhile. She told me she is expecting which is super exciting! She just moved 5 minutes away from me so I expect we will be seeing a lot more of each other! I'm excited to have another new baby to snuggle with!
We hit up the Zoo with a few of our friends last week, including Alison and Delainey!
Their hand holding was so adorable, I had to snap a picture!
Audrey and her cousin, L. Such troublemakers!! We were at the back of the pack because those 2 had to check everything out!

My Mom came over in the afternoon. It was so nice to visit with her while the kids napped. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of all the fun they had with Grandma :(

Miss A had her last dance class on Saturday! It was so cute seeing all the little girls dancing around! She really enjoys it so we will probably put her in again in the fall.

This guy did some more walking, at the market this time.

Mama had a hair appointment- pampering 2 weekends in a row! Lucky me! I went a bit lighter for the summer. Loving it!

Hubby and I had an at-home date night- we watched The Imitation Game which was fantastic, although sad.

Sunday I had a nice sleep in since we stayed up late watching the movie. We ran some errands- remind me to never take Hubby to Superstore again. A bunch of extra things we DON'T need ended up in our cart!

During nap time, I cleaned out some of my closet. Trying to organize it all so I can actually see what I have! Finding some hidden treasures and doing some purging! Feels good!

Audrey and I had some quality memory game playing while the boys napped. Turns out she has her mama's excellent memory- which is good (for her) and bad (for me)!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend- so sunny and hot! Even at 7:00pm it was 28C! We went for a nice long walk, with a stop at the park.
Audrey is loving her bike- she wants to ride it all the time. We lowered her seat so it's much easier for her to glide and she doesn't seem to get as tired anymore. In case you didn't notice, she likes purple ;)

Leo is loving his new-found walking freedom!

That sums up most of our weekend! I can not believe June is over!!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. A is so cute in her dance outfit.

  2. Another fun weekend for you guys! I can't wait for Amelia to get a bit bigger so we can go to the zoo :) And go Leo go!

  3. Leo is handling that apple LIKE A BOSS!!! Your hair looks great (don't hair appts make you feel SO good?!!) And I loved that movie!!!

  4. Audrey and Delainey holding hands is precious! Love your hair, and YAY for great weather!!

  5. What an awesome weekend. Go Leo go! :) He is so cute walking. You hair looks great. So glad A loves her dance class - where did you guys go? I hope this weather sticks around, although last night was kinda heaven!!

  6. Love your hair!! Looks awesome!! Leo looks soo cute walking!! Let the real trouble begin! Haha. Looks like a lot of fun was had!!


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