Tuesday, June 9, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

I need a vacation to recover from this weekend! We packed it jam full of fun stuff and it was hard to not enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather we had!

Thursday we met up with Jen and little Wes at a kids play place. He was a perfect angel and slept the whole time. Jen got to see what's in store for her in the near future- tantrums, fighting, furniture rearrangement... the usual toddler & preschooler shenanigans! Haha! Audrey and Leo were pretty good but they both had their moments. We found a great new play area that is perfect for both of them so I think we will be going there more often when the weather isn't so nice.

In the afternoon, Grandma N took Audrey to play with some family friends. They wore her right out- she fell asleep in the car and continued napping on the couch until 5pm!

Friday we made the mistake of going to Costco. Holy busy! Thankfully the kids were pretty well behaved, and we got the few things we needed. We had a small panic when Audrey announced she had to go potty NOW but a nice lady watched our cart in line so all was well.

They were super "impressed" with being at Costco

In the afternoon, we went over to our friends' house to meet their 2 week old baby and bring them dinner. Baby Ewan is so sweet and in that awesome newborn stage where he just sleeps and eats! I snuggled with him lots!! Audrey and Leo played with Dane and the millions of toys at their house! It was a great evening of catching up and watching our kids play together. Can't wait for more play dates this summer!

Our hilarious attempt at getting a photo with the kids!!

Saturday right after Audrey's dance class, we headed to the Zoo to meet some friends and their baby. It was a gorgeous, hot day! We saw a few animals, went to the playgrounds and had lunch. Audrey even rode on the train, which I had never seen there before. It was nice that we could go with Daddy for once.

Afterwards, while Leo napped in the car, we drove around, went to an open house and then headed to a 1st Birthday party. It was fun to see all the babies from our playgroup walking or close to it! They had a ball pit set up which Leo LOVED. His life was made! We really need to get some of those balls and make one at home.

We were all exhausted after our busy day in the sun so everyone pretty much crashed right away. I stayed up a bit later to catch a show and just relax. Mama needs quiet time every once and awhile!

Sunday we went to the in-laws for brunch. They offered to watch the kids while we ran some errands so we took them up on that! I had to find some summer clothes for Leo stat since it's getting warmer and warmer out and most of his summer stuff is still huge on him. I had to resort to the binder clip trick!

Finally we just ditched the pants...

His new trick- the crab walk!

We ended up having to run a bunch of errands in the afternoon since our weekend was so busy we didn't get a chance to earlier. That also meant that I didn't get my last long run in for my triathlon relay next week until 7:15pm!

It was hot, lonely and hilly but I got it done!

It was a great weekend but I'm ready for things to slow down and relax a bit next weekend. That was a little too much activity packed into one weekend!

I hoped work would be a nice break from the chaos of the weekend but it's been the opposite! From the moment I walked in yesterday it's been non-stop busy and it's not letting up.

Time for another coffee I think!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I'm loving this weather. I sometimes really wish we lived in Calgary so we could go to the zoo as often as you guys!

  2. That is quite the busy weekend! Where was the play place? And an open house as in you guys are looking to move?

  3. Your blog ate my comment....;(
    Ok I think I said WOW you were busy!! Man alive and so many babies!! :)
    Open house...No. I told you you can't move unless it's to Kincora. :) There are a couple on my street. :)

  4. I like Leo's style- ditch the pants! It was great meeting up with you the other day..more meet ups in the future!

  5. Is this house search officially on? Where will you move? Ontario? Oh awesome! There's a house for sale across the street ahaha. Love those little anchor pants! Etsy or store brand? Sounds like an awesome weekend filled with fun, but very busy!! Love the crab walk!

  6. Busy weekend! All fun stuff, and awesome job on still getting the run done. I know solo runs can be hard, and lonely! Also, I love the kid photo attempt - so cute!


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