Tuesday, July 21, 2015

~ Music, Outfits, Parenting Adventures and More~

Happy Monday Tuesday!!! I know, who says that?? You would too if you spent 4 days solo-parenting Miss Sassy-pants and Mr. Scream-non-stop! Haha! True story!! Hubby went fishing in the Haida Gwaii for an extended long weekend. Thankfully my friend came over one night to help me empty some bottles of wine!

Ok, on to the randoms...

~ I'm going to see Janet Jackson in concert in September! My friend asked me if I wanted to go and I figured it would be a fun girls night! I haven't listened to her in ages- I'll have to dig up my CD!

~  Note to self- don't buy clothes for work right after having a baby, while on mat leave. Chances are they won't fit when you need to wear them (too big!) so that was a waste of money. I've had to get rid of some brand new tags still on clothes for this reason...

This dress would have been great for Stampede... if it fit.

I've become really picky in what I buy these days. If I have the least bit of hesitation, it doesn't come home with me anymore.

Some recent 'looks':

Can I get this dress in every colour and pattern please? So comfy!

I have a secret- this dress is huge on me but a blazer makes it wearable. I think it would be worth getting tailored, if I ever find the time to see one.

Canadian Tuxedo for Stampede! Normally I'm against this look but there is enough contrast between the denim shades that it works.

Another Stampede look- jean jacket and white dress.

~ I've been doing some purging and selling things on Kijiji and Buy/Sell groups. I kind of want to get rid of everything now! I like having less junk and more money in my pockets! So I can buy more clothes and junk... No, I'm done with junk. Travel money!!

~ We booked our trip to Phoenix in the fall. Since Audrey's passport expired this month I took her to get her passport photo done so we can renew it. What a joke! She was somewhat cooperative but mostly the photographer could not get the lighting figured out, either too bright or too dark so the background was no longer white. And you can bet Leo didn't sit patiently for 45 minutes during this whole ordeal. Hubby has been delegated the job now.

~ I know this is going to come as a huge surprise, but I'm having photo technical difficulties again, which is partially to explain why I haven't been blogging much (I wanted to post this yesterday...). I'm so ready to throw Photos into the garbage. Now Google+ isn't backing up my photos because apparently some other app is (?? probably iCloud/Photos situation) so to add photos when blogging I have to do it on my phone, then resize them on the computer. So pretty much it takes 3x as long to blog. Why must technology change so much and make a mess of everything? There must be a better way to back up your photos and still have them be accessible. If anyone has any suggestions, shoot them my way please! Can I hire an Apple expert to come to my house? I pay in wine.

~ So back to solo-parenting... it was tough- like grocery store meltdowns, sibling fights and many tears but we had some great moments!

This girl needs to work on her selfie game! I kind of adore this pout though!

We went for a walk/bike ride one afternoon and audrey insisted on 'off-roading'.

It was fun until she tipped over, Dolly went flying (she needs a seatbelt!) and she couldn't get her bike up.  She got her adventurousness from her father!!

And yes, those are socks with sandals... Pick your battles, especially when solo-parenting!

We spent a lot of time at the park. 

Someone loves the park now that he can walk and explore it! His shirt says it all!! AWESOME!!

Impressive that we got a photo with all of us smiling!! 

Kids made me breakfast one morning...

~ I just remembered- I'm going to the spa on Saturday! I'm finally using my gift certificate from Christmas and figured some pampering in between 2 rounds of solo-parenting will be much needed! So excited- my poor feet need some attention!

How was your weekend? What are your tips for surviving solo-parenting?


  1. I missed your outfit posts!! You always look so nice :)
    I hear you, I bought so many clothes last year that are way too big now. And now I am kind of not buying much just in case ;)
    I cannot imagine being a single parent to one kid let alone two for even a few days! You did good :)

  2. love the work outfits. I am going to be screwed when I go back because i have zero desire to wear real clothes and zero desire to buy new clothes and zero desire to spend money i (don't) have! I feel like I'm solo parenting all the time and Tyler is just a sitter here and there- will be so much better once i'm not always needed for food!

  3. I love that white dress and jean jacket!! I just purged my clothes and it feels great!!

  4. I really like that striped dress. Send me all your unwanted clothes!! You've got such great style.

    My tip for surviving solo parenting. Do what you need to do, whether it's put the TV on so you can get supper made or pour yourself a big glass of wine at the end of the day and don't feel shame for it. But also, just enjoy the one on one time.

  5. Janet Jackson- haven't heard her name in a while!! I don't remember the last time I heard one of her songs!! But I bet it would be fun! Love that white dress the best!! Sounds like a hectic 4 days!! Glad you all survived in one piece!! Love A's selfie pout, but the kiddos and you is my fave! I need to get on that purging train!!

  6. Love your outfits. Glad you survived! Good for you!! I want to empty wine bottles with you - soon!! :) Sounds like you guys had a good weekend despite the lack of help! Janet will be an awesome concert! So fun.

  7. Glad you survived the days of single parenting! I bet it's hard and tiring with two! I love your striped dress...where is it from?

  8. Oh, man solo parenting is tough! I did it for two months during the weeks (husband came home on the weekends) during our interim between moving from Edmonton to Calgary. I drank a lot of wine during that time, haha! LOVE that striped dress - you need to share where it's from :) Those pictures with the cabbage patch doll in the grass are hilarious! I agree - it's all about picking your battles!

  9. You are soo stylish! I love ALL your outfits but especially your Canadian tuxedo, I didn't even realize the pants were denim since they are so dark. Where is that first striped dress from??? I want it!

    Way to survive the solo parenting weekend!! Now you need a long weekend away :)


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