Wednesday, July 1, 2015

~O Canada~


Facts about Canada Day I read in our community magazine:

~ Canada Day was originally known as Dominion Day
~ Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world; Russia is the 1st largest
~ The lowest recorded temperature in Canada was a shocking -62.8 Celsius! This occurred in the Yukon in February 1947.
~ The name of Canada is an Iroquoian word that means village
~ The Government's official phone number is 1-800-O-Canada

We had a lovely Canada Day. We decided against any big festivities and just took the day leisurely. We went down to Bowness Park, brought our bikes and had a nice ride. Audrey rode her bike for a bit (which took foever!) and then she rode in the Chariot with Leo. Thumbs up to hubby for pulling 100+ lbs of extra weight, especially up a few hills!

Our big girl!

I hadn't been on my bike since before Audrey was born... Loved it!

Thrilled to be riding behind Daddy!! One of them at least!

Stopping for some lunch!

It is hard work being pulled around in the Chariot!

Happy Canadian boy!

Day isn't complete without making a mess in the sandbox!

Ending the day with another Canada Day tradition- ice cream!!!

I hope all you Canadians had an enjoyable Canada Day!


  1. How is bowness park since being all redone? And I love the shot of Audrey in her dress playing in the sand :)

  2. Looks like the perfect day!! I can't wait until Liam is old enough to go for bike rides together.

  3. Happy Canada Day!! London is really slow on his bike too (he can't pedal yet) so I usually end up carrying it (and sometimes him) after a few blocks! I'm happy I have the Chariot now :)

  4. Awww Leo looks soo peaceful snoozing away!! Sounds like a fun day!! I think the last time I rode a bike was 3 years ago and my butt hurt for days!! Damn boney butt!!

  5. What a great day!! You guys were busy as always. I like the ice cream tradition!! ha ha Where did you go to eat? I like hearing of good kid friendly places.


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