Wednesday, July 8, 2015

~Stampede Road Race: 5K Race Report~

For the 4th year in a row my sister & I ran the Stampede Road Race 5K on Sunday.
It was also Audrey's 2nd year running in the Kids Race.
The morning was quite chilly which is actually ok in my books! It was around 10-12C. We arrived about 25 minutes before the race started so there wasn't much downtown before we lined up.

They changed a bunch of things this year- the 10K and 5K did not start together- the 5K started at 8:15am instead. It was a lot less congested!

They also changed the routes which I did not realize until we were running! It then became a guessing game of where we were turning next!

We took it pretty easy- walking when needed. My sister said I could run on my own if I wanted but I didn't feel the need to push hard so I just enjoyed the easy pace.

Audrey playing soccer while they waited for us. Good call Daddy!

Despite our slower pace, the race seemed to go by quickly. It wasn't long that we were back on the track and heading towards the finish line!

Yay finished!! Apparently our time was the slowest of the 4 years: 35:18 gun time, 34:50 chip time! Haha!! 

Audrey and Olivia playing soccer.

The tutu and wings were a genius idea- she was so easy to spot!

Leo & Audrey LOVE their cousins!

We had our delicious pancake breakfast & then it was time for the Kids Races to start.

Audrey ran with the 3 & 4 years olds- they did 400M, a full lap of the track.

She ran the whole thing!!

She started to fade towards the end but Daddy kept her going!


So PROUD of her medal!!

Showing off her bling to everyone!

High-fiving Auntie!

So proud of my little girl!! 

It was another great race! I really enjoyed it and didn't have any pressure on myself to PR (obviously...). I like running with my sister- hopefully we can find another race to sign up for later this summer or early fall, to keep the momentum going! I'm sure we will be doing this race again next year!


  1. I love fun races like this! No pressure to do anything but have fun :) And any race with pancakes wins for me! That is awesome that Audrey ran the whole way!!

  2. So awesome that you do this with your sister! And I love that Audrey can in a tutu and wings!! :) We need to plan an ice cream date!!

  3. So cute that Audrey wore her tutu and wings for the race!


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  5. Audrey is the cutest little runner! I love that they do a kids race. She is too much in that tutu and wings! And how fun that you ran with your sister. Sometimes it is fun to have no pressure and just run for fun!

  6. I love that Audrey wore her tutu and wings. So cute! I'm disappointed we missed being able to get down for this race this year because I really enjoyed it last year (even though I was bummed there's no medal for the 5k!).


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