Thursday, July 23, 2015

~Three Things Thursday: Questions Edition~

Ok it was fun asking you guys questions!! Here are a few more for you this week!

1) If you are runner, what is your dream race? If you aren't a runner, what's your favourite workout?

2) Do you have a favourite number? Why is it significant to you?

3) Favourite TV Series of all time?

I'll share my answers when you comment!


  1. 1) not sure, but I'm looking forward to my first race hopefully in October!!
    2) 21 - not sure just love it, so much so, it had to be our wedding date! Haha
    3) that's a tough one, soo many to choose! I like Chicago Fire/PD.

  2. 1) I am not a runner. :) But T25 is my workout soulmate for sure. LOVE it.
    2) 7 but I have no idea why.
    3) Hmmm that's really hard. Shameless is so entertaining. Love Chicago Fire.

  3. 1. I'm a runner, but not really a "runner" haha. Meaning I've never run farther than 10k before. I think Seawheeze would be pretty awesome to do!
    2. 10 and 13 - they were always my sports playing days numbers.
    3. I have lots of favourites but probably Grey's Anatomy considering I've invested over a decade of my life watching it!! I also really really loved One Tree Hill. And Breaking Bad!

  4. 1. Boston - I will never EVER be fast enough, but it would be an amazing race to run!
    2. 17 - just love it.
    3. Of all time? This is hard. Beverly Hills 90210, haha! I never got into too many series.

  5. 1) probably any big marathon...although I hate crowds, it would be fun to do once!
    2) favourite number is idea why, it just is
    3) I really liked Friday Night Lights, but there are lots of good ones out there!


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