Monday, July 6, 2015

~Weekend Recap- I'm exhausted!~

Another summer weekend that we filled with fun activities! Sure left me exhausted though- I need a vacation from my 5 day weekend!

On Thursday we met up with my sister-in-law and niece at Riley Park for some fun at the playground and wading pool. I love this park so much- I just wish it was a bit closer so we could go to it more often. The kids loved the wading pool and with 27C heat, it was the perfect way to spend the day!

I didn't take my phone near the water since that just sounds like an accident waiting to happen so just believe me when I say they had a blast! They also enjoyed the playground and making music!

We squeezed in a short visit with our friends Aliece and Cahira in the afternoon. So excited that Aliece is off for the summer. We will be planning lots of playdates on our days off together!
That evening we had a recital re-do for Audrey's dance class since there was some confusion and we didn't get a full viewing at her last class on the weekend. It was so adorable seeing everything that Audrey learned and Leo was right in there dancing! There might be some dance classes in his future soon!

Friday we were *this* close to heading down super early (6:30am) to watch the Stampede Parade but after a rough night (thanks eye tooth) and knowing we had a busy weekend coming up, I didn't have the heart or energy to wake the kids up. There will be lots of Stampede Parades in our future so I think it was the best decision to sit it out this year, even though I suffer from FOMO!

Instead we had a relaxing day at home, after running a couple errands in the morning. It was so hot outside so we found ways of keeping cool in the backyard- no shorts, tent and sitting IN the water table.

Saturday morning we headed down early to our community's Stampede Breakfast. The kids loved the pancakes and dancing to the music. We didn't stay long since we had a full day ahead of us.


Afterwards we did something that I never thought would happen- test driving mini-vans! It was quite the process trying to wrangle kids and ask questions.

Leo trying so hard to climb inside!

We had to make a stop in the south to pick up our race packages for Sunday's run. Our names are on our bibs this year which was pretty exciting! Love the colour of this year's shirt too!

Sunday morning was the Stampede Road Race. It was a cool morning which was nice for running in but our cheerleaders froze! My sis and I had a good run, which I will recap another time.

Audrey raced again this year- doing the 400M! She rocked it and yes, she wore the wings and tutu. She is my daughter after all!

So excited about her medal!!

We had a delicious and well-deserved pancake breakfast afterwards! And since 2 pancake breakfasts in one weekend wasn't enough, we stopped at some friends' house after the race for their pancake breakfast! This time we just played and visited, we were still too full to eat again!

And as if our weekend wasn't full enough, Audrey and I attended a baby shower in the afternoon for a good friend! Audrey had so much fun playing with the other children and I enjoyed visiting with lots of girlfriends!

So much fun, not enough coffee consumed! Back to the work week, except despite it being Stampede, the workload has not decreased!


  1. Wowzers, you sure did a lot this weekend!! Our baby group is planning on going to the splash park this week and I've never been. Is it nice?

  2. What an awesome weekend!!! Love A's face with the award!! Look at Leo in the water table ahaha. Noah hasn't tried that one yet!! Good job on your race!! We finally had a nice weekend too!! So did you find the van of your dreams??

  3. Fun! I am so excited for pancake breakfasts to start here, this weekend! I am always more tired after a weekend than a week of work. Today I am SO tired. I am thinking my lunch break will be spent sleeping ;)
    I will watch for your race recap, Audrey looks so proud!

  4. What a fun and jam packed weekend! Audrey looks so proud and excited about her medal. I love it!

  5. WOW you guys were BUSY!! Did you sleep?
    We should go to the splash park, was it fun?
    A van hey? That means baby #3 is coming soon right?!! ;) I don't think J would ever let a van in this family. ha ha Or a 3rd child!!

  6. Sounds like it was a super fun weekend! That park looks awesome, I feel like the giant xylophone would be so fun!! Also- who can go wrong with as many pancake breakfasts as they can eat ;)

  7. What a jam packed weekend! Looks like you guys had so much fun, no wonder you're exhausted!


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