Monday, August 24, 2015

~Audrey: 3.5 Years~

Sleep: Audrey sleeps pretty well most nights. Occasionally she wakes up asking for water or rub her sore leg (growing pains?). She likes to test the limits on going to bed though. She will take her sweet time if you let her and often there are tears but it is getting better.

Audrey doesn't usually nap anymore. Sometimes, after a busy morning she will fall asleep in the car and transfer to her bed.

Eating: She is entering a picky stage- very vocal about what she does and doesn't like! And if you run out of an ingredient of whatever she is currently demanding- she lets you know she is not impressed! She does eat a variety of food so we generally can't complain.

Eyes: Green/Hazel

Hair: Her hair is slowly getting longer and super curly in the back. We are growing out her bangs. She is starting to be more willing to have braids or pony tails put in it although often she wants to "wear it long"- nothing in it.

Playing: Audrey loves puzzles, crafts, colouring, reading, playing with her dolls and all her brother's toys. She does a lot of imaginative play with her dolls and stuffies. Unfortunately she fights a lot with her brother over toys and he fights back.

Talking: Her language skills are amazing. It never ceases to amaze us what she talks about and how well she comprehends everything.

Weight/Clothing: She hasn't been measured recently so I'm guessing she is around 35lbs and 42 inches?. She is definitely tall because all her dresses and pants are shrinking! She is wearing size 3T-5T clothes. She wears size 8-9 shoes.

Audrey still loves to pick her outfit each day- almost always a dress, sometimes a skirt and rarely pants! She also wears dress-up ballgowns almost daily, to the dayhome, the zoo, grocery shopping, etc. Every day is dress-up day!

Personality: Very strong-willed and sassy!! She is coming out of her shy shell and will talk anyone's ear off that will listen. She's a leader and wants people to do what she wants them to do!

Current Favourite Things: Her dolls, My Little Pony, Frozen, stuffies, books, crafts, dress-up clothes, purses and necklaces, playing at the beach in the sand and water, riding her bike, going to the park, going to the Zoo, eating ice cream or any sweets

Dislikes: Being dirty, being told what to do, not being allowed to watch 37 hours of TV a day, having her hair washed, getting ready for bed.

Big Changes: The biggest change was starting a new dayhome when I went back to work just after she turned 3. She loves it there and often doesn't want to leave when I come to pick her up! She does crafts every day, works on her writing, and drawing. The provider is the sweetest lady and both kids love her. They have adjusted well to my part-time return to work which is a big relief.

She has been very healthy-- a couple minor colds in the winter but her asthma has been under control and we haven't needed to use the inhalers for a long time.

Audrey is not enjoying having to share with Leo now that he is fully mobile and doesn't passively let her take things away from him! She does adore him still and is so proud to introduce people to her "baby".

I'm amazed at how quickly this sweet girl is growing up! Each day she surprises us with what she does, knows and what a wonderful little girls she is becoming!

We love you to the moon and back, baby girl!


  1. She looks so much older than 3!

  2. She is so sweet. I love her conversations and how chatty she is. Such a girl! :) Love that photo of her!

  3. I love her purse! She is beautiful, and growing up so fast!

  4. And before you know it....teenager!!!


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