Wednesday, August 5, 2015

~Long Weekend Recap~

It seems to be a theme that I am posting my weekend recaps half way through the next week! This Photos/Google+ issue is really cramping my blogging ability!

This weekend wins the award for most active! Here are some highlights!

On Thursday we headed to the Zoo with some friends. It was a hot, hot day! We didn't spend too long checking out the animals- it seems the kids were more interested in eating and running around! Once I got over how dirty they got splashing in the pond, jumping in mud puddles and running through the wet grass, it was fun!

On Friday, Cori invited us to join her and the girls at the Zoo again! Audrey loved the older girls but it didn't stop her from bossing them around! Leo was fairly content and ended up napping at the Zoo. We spent a lot of time with the butterflies which fascinated all of us!

We also checked out the Dinosaurs. It wasn't until we got back to the car that I realized it was 32C out! No wonder it felt hot outside!

Saturday we headed to the mountains for a hike. We decided to go to Grassi Lakes since it was short enough to be manageable for the kids and the views are spectacular!

We didn't quite time it right- we arrived at the base of the trail just before noon so we decided to head back into Canmore for lunch first. We went to a delicious bagel place- a bit overpriced but they were good.

Cutest little tourist!!

With full bellies, we headed back to the trail. It was super busy now! Traffic was lined up, cars were parked on both sides of the road and there was only room for 1 way of traffic. It was a bit of a mess but luckily we found a spot and headed to the trail head.

It was now Leo's nap time and he had fallen asleep in the car. Thankfully I was able to transfer him carefully to the Ergo and he stayed asleep for about 45 minutes.

Audrey walked for the first little bit and she finally caved and allowed Daddy to carry her in the hiking backpack. Mom and Dad definitely got their workouts in!

Leo woke up MAD! It was hot. With a bit of food and water he calmed down and we made it to the top of the mountain, where the lakes are.

He sure liked splashing in the cold lake- he probably would have walked right in if we let him!

We did some exploring around, had a snack and then headed down the mountain the "difficult" way. Audrey walked almost the entire way down, with me tightly holding her hand! She did a great job and wasn't afraid at all!

Both kids crashed in the van as soon as we got in! It was a peaceful drive home!

Sunday we headed to the beach with some friends! As usual, Leo went right for the water every time so we really had to keep our eyes on him! He was hilarious to watch in his lifejacket- so top heavy that he would fall over with the slightest imbalance. It had me in stitches watching him!

Eating peas in the backyard!!

They love each other... most of the time!

Monday we all slept in- lots of activity makes for good sleep! We wanted to get up early to go for our long run but that didn't happen. Instead we went around noon. It didn't seem that hot at first but when you get going, pushing the chariot, uphill, in the sun, you warm up quickly! It wasn't the best run- we walked a couple of the big hills but got 7Km in. We are going to have to alternate our long runs because pushing the Chariot for 10+ K is not fun!! And I barely did any pushing! I'm going to have to get into the habit of waking up early for these long runs!

In the afternoon, we turned on the sprinklers and the kids ran through them! Leo loved it and was right in there, Audrey got cold quickly!

So that was our active long weekend! It was lots of fun and I love that we can get out with the kids to do a variety of activities. Soaking up the nice weather while we can!


  1. will be doing that hike with Wes and my mom soon! and the zoo!

  2. That hike looked so beautiful! I love the picture of them hugging! So sweet!

  3. So much fun at the zoo! I know if we were in Calgary we would be frequent visitors too! I love that hike and good for you guys doing it on a hot day with both kids. I am hoping we get to the mountains in the fall for a hike :)

  4. That hike looks awesome! I'm putting it on my "list"! :)


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