Tuesday, August 11, 2015

~Summer Weekend Fun~

And the 2nd weekend of August is over! This month is already going by so fast! Someone- please halt summer stat!!

It's also only Tuesday, which means my posting weekend recaps is improving! Hubby did something to fix Google+ so photos are uploading again properly (for now) so I don't have to spend an evening uploading pictures one by one, manually. Yay!

Our weekend was a bit quieter, but not much!

Thursday I was invited to a Leaders Lunch at Alloy for my Rodan + Fields business. You had to qualify to receive an invitation so I'm pretty proud that I was able to reach that goal and be treated to a delicious lunch and meet other inspiring R+F women! I'm just loving my new business!

Grandpa hung out with the kids while I was at the luncheon. They had all sorts of fun playing "potato" (playdoh), doing crafts and colouring. We sure a lucky to have Grandparents that jump at the chance to hang out with the kids and the kids adore them!

Friday we went to the Zoo with our friends Della, Skye and Rhys- shocking I know! We never tire of the Zoo and it's so much fun for the kids. It was a gorgeous day- not too hot.

The girls are just adorable together! Friends since before they were even born!

"The hippos look like rocks!"

The boys had a blast, when they weren't contained in their strollers! This is the only picture I got of the two of them! They loved running through this open area- FREE!!

Girls having fun on the Komodo dragon.

Playing at the park- they need to work on their driving skills!

It was a fun visit and we need to get together with you guys again soon! Six months is too long! We need to stop being so busy or something!

Hubby and I had a quiet night at home- enjoyed some wine, and cribbage, where I skunked him!

Saturday the window cleaners finally came! Audrey aka Cinderella really wanted to help them so I told her she could wash the inside windows. She seemed content with that- walking around with her cloth, her bucket and her fancy dress. I might start hiring her out!

She even had an outfit change at one point- so she could stick her broom in her skirt like the window cleaners did!

And I have no clue where this guy learned to talk on 2 phones at once!

When Leo doesn't get his way, he starts crying and puts his hands over his face! It's the cutest thing ever and I can't help but laugh! It's like he is heartbroken!

Audrey woke up asking Daddy if they could go fishing which pretty much melted him into a puddle of mush. So they ran to the store, had her passport photo taken (took 5 minutes, unlike my horrible experience- totally the photographer's fault) and bought her a fishing rod.

She LOVED it! When she got home she wanted to "practice" in the backyard more! I forsee lots of fishing trips in our future!

Sunday was a low-key day. We planned to go for a family long run but hubby wasn't feeling so I just went by myself. Even at 9:30am it was too hot! I am not a hot weather runner! I did 9K. I was so warm (and sweaty!) when I was done!

We received a special delivery from Edible Arrangements! Leo loved the grapes and strawberries! Audrey loved the "flowers" with chocolate on them!

We went to my Aunt's house for dinner. My cousin and his wife have moved back to Calgary so it was nice to see them again and now we will see them more often!

It was a late night, which we are still paying for. Why late nights = early wakeups is beyond me! Even last night they both struggled to go to bed.


  1. That boy's gonna be a busy business man with those phone-talking skills! Your hubby is gonna love the phase of fishing with his girl! (I know that and sports were my dad's favorites when I was growing up!)

  2. So cute that Leo covers his face when he cries!!

    I really want to take Liam fishing (I don't fish) but I think he would love it!

  3. Congrats on the invite!
    Oh man, that picture of Leo looks just like Avery when she is not happy! Toddlers have such rough lives ;)
    Awesome job on the run! It got hot out so early! I am not looking forward to running in this heat this week!

  4. Saddest face ever on Leo!!! Poor guy! Noah shakes with emotion when he screams now!! Soo dramatic haha. Edible arrangements sounds fun! What was the occasion? Sounds like a perfect weekend!!


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