Tuesday, August 18, 2015

~Toronto Girls Weekend~

I had the best girls weekend away! I haven't had a girls trip in awhile, almost 2 years exactly. I was also pregnant with Leo so it was a different trip... running Seawheeze!

My bestie was in Toronto for work and staying the weekend to visit her family so she suggested I come join her! Genius idea!!

My flight was around noon on Thursday. It sure was easy to pack only for myself! And yes, I brought the big suitcase despite the fact that I was only going for 4 days!

My lovely hosts picked me up from the airport and we drove to their house for a relaxing evening. The theme of the weekend was wine! We enjoyed a lot of it!

Friday we went shopping. We went to the premium outlets first, which is just like a lot of outlet malls I've been to in the U.S.

We spent some time and money in Kate Spade. So many pretty things!! I wanted them all! I really wanted this pink purse with a bow on the front but I resisted!

I ended up picking out this black beauty! I needed a neutral bag!

I spotted Tory Burch and HAD to go in! I found a nice pair of flats that I had been eyeing for a few years! They were on major sale so I had to buy them! It would have been a crime to leave them behind!

After a few hours at the Outlets (we had to stop once at the car to drop off our bags!), we headed down to Bloor Street for more shopping!

First we stopped for drinks and lunch at Sassafraz! Delicious!!

The Toronto humidity did nothing for my hair- it was curly when I did it in the morning!

We continued shopping on Bloor Street- although it was mainly 'window shopping' for me!
We looked at some very expensive shoes! Some day I will own a pair of those red soled shoes!
One of the shorter heeled pairs...

It started raining like crazy while we walking outside so we took shelter under an awning. Not that my hair wasn't already destroyed!

The damage done by 4 women on a mission! We did our part boosting the Canadian economy!

L and I went for a run before dinner- that humidity is awful! We did 3K and we were soaking wet when we were done! Happy that we got some exercise in- to offset all the delicious food and wine!

We had another great dinner and then watched Interstellar in their movie room. Such a relaxing Friday night after a busy day on our feet!

Saturday morning I met my Dad for breakfast! It was so nice to see him!

A perfect example of how humidity and my hair don't work together:



Afterwards we headed to Canada's Wonderland, an amusement park for the day. I'm not huge into rides so spent most of our time at the Water Park. It was another hot and humid day so it was perfect.

The best water slide!!! It was so much fun!

We did NOT go on this roller coaster! I value my life!

Playing some games

You are not allowed to bring any food into the park, only water. So we had to have funnel cake for lunch... We ordered 2 of them but 1 would have been sufficient for the 4 of us! It was so good though!


Waiting in line for the one non-water park ride we went on- Thunder Run! I screamed a lot!


That night we ordered in an amazing dinner and enjoyed some drinks, wine and champagne! We had cake to celebrate L's upcoming birthday. Everything was so delicious! I'm sure I gained 10 lbs while I was away!

Sunday we just relaxed and hung out since our flight was at 1pm. L flies a lot so we had access to the Maple Leaf Lounge after we went through security.

Lunch and a glass of wine!

Once we were flying, we decided we had to have some sparkling wine with our Mac n Cheese! Couldn't resist that gold bottle!!

We arrived around 3:15pm (yay time change!) and my little family met me at the airport!! I was so excited to see them!! Both kids came running up to me and hugged my legs so I think they missed me too! They had a great time with Daddy, who did an excellent job keeping them alive! ;)

They loved their presents I brought back for them too!

It was such an amazing weekend! It felt so good to just relax, have no responsibilities and spend time with good friends! I seriously forgot what it felt like to just have to take care of me for a few days! Of course, I did miss them like crazy and I'm glad to be back cuddling with them!!


  1. What a great weekend! I'm jealous of all the shopping and especially the amusement park! I LOVE roller coasters!

  2. Such a fun weekend!

    Like Jen, I'm jealous too! You totally should have gone on the big roller coasters! They actually are not as bad as they look and (in my opinion) better than the smaller coasters. I will never ever go on Top Gun/Flight Deck EVER again. I took the track team on the Leviathan as a "team building" activity.

    So the humidity probably does have an effect on my hair! It always looks like crap in the summer.

  3. Sounds like THE BEST Weekend! SO glad you got away!! Shopping, eating, drinking - so much fun! Love her new flats! :)

  4. What an amazing weekend. I'm definitely jealous. Especially about those Tory Burch flats!! I've been eyeing those for years now.

  5. It sure was hot this weekend and super humid!! I've never been to those outlets!! Were they in TO or Barrie? Sounds like you made the best of yr weekend except y didn't see me!! Haha. Next time!! Those funnel cakes look delish!!

  6. How fun! Love all the shopping, and that purse is SO great! Glad you had such a nice weekend away!

  7. Oh wow, what a fun few days away! Sounds like you made the most of it! Love the new bag and shoes!

  8. It was crazy hot and humid in Ontario this weekend! My hair goes crazy as well. Glad that you were able to get away for a couple days alone :)


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