Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Wishing... Alison a very Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fabulous day and you are treated like a Queen!

Watching... Suits! LOVING this show so much! It's not helping me go to bed sooner though. I love all the lawyer shows!

Reading... Revenge Wears Prada. I've actually been reading a bit more which is so nice!

Eating... all the bad things! I'm addicted to chocolate. I think I need rehab... Really trying to watch what I eat, especially before we head into holiday season! No more junk food allowed in my house! I'm debating using My Fitness Pal again to keep me on accountable but I really hate tracking all my food.

Training... for the Rock n' Roll Las Vegas half marathon on November 15th! It's been a bit challenging because I'm not training with a group. Angela from Cowgirl Runs has been helping me out with a training program which has been nice! Keeps me a bit more accountable and nice to know I have someone to go to with any questions!

Wearing... transitioning to fall clothes, reluctantly! Well, I'm happy to be changing up my wardrobe a bit but I'm not looking forward to the cold!

My wardrobe needs a re-fresh. I went through and got rid of a lot of clothes that I don't wear anymore and there is probably a lot more I could lose!

Loving... my Rodan + Fields business!! I know I haven't talked about it on here much. It is going so well, I am enjoying it and I can't wait to see where things go in the next year! It's a dream come true that I didn't even realize was a dream!

Planning... my girls weekend to Vancouver next August for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon!

By some miracle I managed to get my best friend and I signed up. Funny enough it is the same weekend that we went to Toronto this year so apparently that is turning into our annual girls weekend! It will be her first half marathon and I'm excited to be able to do it with her!
Dreading... winter and snow. I shouldn't complain though- I only have to commute through it 3x a week and maybe we will have a mild winter like the last? Doubtful!

This was early September last year... I'm thankful we haven't had a massive dump of snow so far!

Excited... for all the recent baby announcements! I am so thrilled for all my friends that will be welcome new ones in the next few months and 2016. Doesn't really help my baby fever much so I'll be stealing lots of newborn snuggles!

Thankful... for so much! It's easy to forget all the blessings in your life and focus on the bad- it's a conscious effort to recognize that there is so much good to be happy about. I'm not going to let the negative get me down, consume my mind or my time and I'm just going to enjoy all that I do have, because it is a lot!!

Tell me something 'currently' in your life!

~Fall Bucket List 2015~

It's officially fall so here is our Fall Bucket List 2015!

As much as I don't want summer to end, I can't wait to do these things with the family!! Fall is a great season, if only the s*&# didn't have to come so soon!

What's on your fall bucket list?

Monday, September 21, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

Happy Fall!!

It has been feeling like fall around these parts the last week but I'm still not ready to let go of summer. I'm still holding on to hope that we get a decent fall, especially with our family pictures coming up in a couple weeks!

Thursday our play date plans fell through due to illness. Thankfully not us but sad we missed visiting with our friends. Instead, I took the opportunity to take Audrey's passport application to Service Canada (since we go to Phoenix in less than 2 months!) but that was a bust. They said the wait was really long and the kids were already antsy after being there for 15 seconds. I decided to just mail it rather than drag them downtown, pay for parking and attempt to entertain them in the waiting room. Hopefully we get it back in time!

We pulled the harvest from the garden in the evening. The kids had so much fun, even if Leo thought the tomatoes were balls for throwing! I just love how excited they get about things!

Friday we ran some errands, including looking for outfits for our upcoming family photos. I didn't find anything for the pictures but I did find some work clothes for myself :/ We also stopped at the play area which the kids loved! Leo is such a runner- all over the place now!!

In the afternoon, my bestie came over with newborn Kali and I got to soak up hours of baby cuddles while Leo napped! It was a great visit and I am so so happy for K that she finally has a sweet little baby of her own! I really wanted to keep her!!

We had a quiet evening- hubby and I have been watching Suits. Addicted!! Love that show!

Saturday I did my long run by myself since my running friend said she hurt her knee and wanted to rest it. I really struggled to get out of bed and get out there. I did end up finally getting up and it was such a beautiful morning! I ran in some neighboring communities (still hilly) so it was a nice change of scenery.

Audrey's dance class started up again. She was so excited for it!!!

That night I went to a housewarming party for a friend who moved just up the street from me. We had a fun night visiting and playing Battle of the Sexes! Good game! Learned a few new things and laughed a lot!

Sunday morning the kids were up early but hubby let me sleep in. We had a slow start to the day but we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather and go to the Zoo. It was a lot of fun- Leo kept roaring like the dinosaurs and Audrey just wanted to touch them all. No fear!

After naps (the boys), we split off and the boys went grocery shopping and the girls went clothing shopping!! I have my eye on a particular dress for Audrey for our family photos but of course her size wasn't in store and it's not available online :( I did find a couple other options but I'm undecided. It's also hard to decide when you don't really know how the weather will be in 2 weeks! 

We also stopped at the shoe store. Audrey tried on all the shoes- she is so my daughter! They didn't quite have what I wanted but I found a pair of sandals but I'm not sure about them. I hate when you know exactly what you want in your mind but can not find it anywhere!

Hubby made the most delicious dinner- sable fish, risotto, beans and salad from our garden. Yum yum!

We had a relaxing evening- I did some R+F work and watched Suits!

Back to another week of work! Can't complain about it though!

Monday, September 14, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

I swear I am losing track of time! I don't even want to sleep anymore because it seems like a waste of time! I know I can't give up sleep (and I don't really want to!) but I also want time to slow down!

I asked Audrey the other day what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said "I don't want to get big- I want to stay little!" Good answer!

Thursday we had Leo's vaccine appointment- it was my first time taking Audrey with us to one of these appointments. I was a bit worried about how she would react to him getting a needle but it was just one and he just whimpered. I don't even think she noticed because she was too busy picking out a sticker or 10! I love this public health nurse- she has the best bedside manner!

Leo weighs 22 lbs, 10 oz and is 32 inches long. He's in the 25th% for both measurements which is a good jump from the 5-15% he was for the first year of his life! Not surprising since he eats all.the.time!

Afterwards we went grocery shopping and picked up a few extras, including this adorable hat! I had been on the look out for one like this and Leo LOVES it!

That afternoon, Audrey and I had dentist appointments. She was shy at first and refused to open her mouth for the dentist but with the promise of a new pink toothbrush and a sticker, she cooperated. She also got some barrettes which she was very excited about!

We went for dinner afterwards- lucky kids got ice cream with their meals! Leo now refuses to sit in a highchair- he wants the booster seat. Um, excuse me, where is my baby?

Friday we ran some errands, including going to a great 2nd hand store in a neighbouring town. We found some good deals and the kids enjoyed playing in the toy area.
We spent some time outside in the afternoon- going for a bike ride and to the park.
Audrey being 'fashionable'- her words!

That evening I had a girls night at my friend's new place! It was so nice to just hang out, enjoy some wine, lots of laughs and stay up too late! Even if we saw a huge spider outside her window that had us screaming!

Saturday morning came too early. I met a friend for a long run by the river. Running outside, with someone, brought back my motivation! My last few runs have been a struggle so it was good to finally get a good run in. We ran just over 11K which was good considering I had missed the last 2 long runs due to illness/vacation.

We headed downtown to an outdoor performance- "Paddington Bear's First Concert" with some friends. It was such a hot day- 28C! The kids loved the music, playing with the other children and just being outside! It was the perfect afternoon!

They also enjoyed playing in the fountains! I wish I could have run through them too!

Sunday morning hubby met with the running group for his long run while I hung out with the kids. We watched cartoons and relaxed!

Audrey and I went to buy her some winter boots (I know it's coming even if I don't want to believe it) and get her a haircut! We are growing out her bangs but the sides needed a trim! It looks much better now! She was very excited to sit on the unicorn (it was a horse)- she even let the stylist put a clip in her hair!

I spent the afternoon snuggling my best friend's new baby, Kali! This little girl is so sweet- I can barely remember my babies being this small! How they grow so quickly! I ADORE the newborn stage where they just sleep and eat all day, even though it's completely exhausting! I can't wait to snuggle Kali again!

The rest of the evening I spent with my little ones, who seem huge after holding Kali!

Such a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

~Summer Staycation 2015~

It's a good thing we didn't have many solid plans for this family staycation because we didn't end up getting to do much. Hubby had to work a couple days the first week and then I was sick in bed with the flu for a week. To say this vacation sucked would be an understatement but it also could have been a lot worse so I'm trying to not feel too down about it.

We did end up having a very fun trip to Heritage Park one day! Both kids LOVED the train, just wandering around checking out all the old buildings and I even went on a couple rides with Audrey!

Riding the train!

On the Caterpillar ride! It was my favourite ride as a child! Audrey loved it!

On the carousel!

We had a yummy picnic lunch- although the wasps were super annoying!

Hubby and I went to Model Milk to celebrate our 9th anniversary! The food was so delicious and the service was amazing! I would definitely go back again! I highly recommend it- you just have to make sure you make a reservation well in advance.

 This was also the day I started to not feel well but chalked the headache up to the horribly smoky air from the forest fires.

I hosted a Stella & Dot trunk show one night so it was fun to get together with a bunch of girlfriends and try on shiny things! I can't wait to get my new jewels! Audrey had a lot of fun trying on the necklaces and then had to show her jewelry to everyone!

While I spent many hours laying on the couch or in bed, these guys did some chores around the house. Glad someone was productive because I sure was not!

There was a whole lot of hanging around the house since I had zero energy to do anything but go from bed to couch.

Um, I think you are on the wrong side of the gate buddy!

He loves a good selfie!! Look at that smile!! Made a sick mama feel a little bit better!

My best friend's baby shower was last weekend. At the last minute I was asked to plan it so that was a bit stressful trying to get it all organized (especially feeling sick) but she was easy to please! Her little girl received lots of clothes and was completely spoiled! So happy to be able to celebrate this mama and I can't wait to meet Kali, who arrived last week!

Princess Audrey was very helpful with the gifts!

Our 2nd week of vacation the kids were back in the dayhome. We had grand plans to do a bunch of stuff around the house- declutter, minor repairs, deep clean, organizing and some alone couple time, but none of that happened :( I felt ok on Monday so I did a few things while hubby went fishing all day but in the afternoon my energy was zapped, my headache was back in full force and it was back to bed for me.

Wednesday we were going to golf and I was supposed to see Janet Jackson with some friends that evening but instead we took a trip to the ER to make sure it was just a viral infection/flu and nothing more serious. The ER is always an adventure, especially when a convict arrives in shackles, having been stabbed. After 4 hours, it was determined I just had a viral infection that would go away with rest. Glad it wasn't anything more serious but that sure was a waste of time.

I finally started to feel a bit better- my headache was dulling and I had a bit more energy. We decided we would still continue with our family trip to Fernie the next day since it would be a bit more fun for everyone else, there would be lots of willing help with the kids and if I still felt bad I could just lay down all day.

We packed up and headed out of town Thursday afternoon. The weather wasn't great in Fernie either but the change of scenery was welcomed by everyone and the company was worth it!

We didn't do too much: walks, hot tub, played games, went to town to window shop, the guys went fishing one day, went for a short run with the kids, had a dance party!

Despite the cool temperatures, we had to go to the best gelato store ever and have a treat! So good!!

It was a nice weekend with family- in spite of the chilly temperature and low-key schedule. The kids loved all the attention!

Reading with Great-Grandma

Blocks all day. Every day!

Fun at the park, despite the cold temps and need to bring a towel to wipe down the equipment!

Balloon found. Life made!

Shopping is always fun when you have a steering wheel!!

Loving the outdoors. Freedom!!

Good call on bringing 35 books Mom!

That wraps up our family staycation. Obviously being sick put a huge damper on our plans but we had lots of fun doing the few things that we did!

I can't believe it's September and almost fall! Where did summer go?