Monday, September 14, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

I swear I am losing track of time! I don't even want to sleep anymore because it seems like a waste of time! I know I can't give up sleep (and I don't really want to!) but I also want time to slow down!

I asked Audrey the other day what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said "I don't want to get big- I want to stay little!" Good answer!

Thursday we had Leo's vaccine appointment- it was my first time taking Audrey with us to one of these appointments. I was a bit worried about how she would react to him getting a needle but it was just one and he just whimpered. I don't even think she noticed because she was too busy picking out a sticker or 10! I love this public health nurse- she has the best bedside manner!

Leo weighs 22 lbs, 10 oz and is 32 inches long. He's in the 25th% for both measurements which is a good jump from the 5-15% he was for the first year of his life! Not surprising since he eats all.the.time!

Afterwards we went grocery shopping and picked up a few extras, including this adorable hat! I had been on the look out for one like this and Leo LOVES it!

That afternoon, Audrey and I had dentist appointments. She was shy at first and refused to open her mouth for the dentist but with the promise of a new pink toothbrush and a sticker, she cooperated. She also got some barrettes which she was very excited about!

We went for dinner afterwards- lucky kids got ice cream with their meals! Leo now refuses to sit in a highchair- he wants the booster seat. Um, excuse me, where is my baby?

Friday we ran some errands, including going to a great 2nd hand store in a neighbouring town. We found some good deals and the kids enjoyed playing in the toy area.
We spent some time outside in the afternoon- going for a bike ride and to the park.
Audrey being 'fashionable'- her words!

That evening I had a girls night at my friend's new place! It was so nice to just hang out, enjoy some wine, lots of laughs and stay up too late! Even if we saw a huge spider outside her window that had us screaming!

Saturday morning came too early. I met a friend for a long run by the river. Running outside, with someone, brought back my motivation! My last few runs have been a struggle so it was good to finally get a good run in. We ran just over 11K which was good considering I had missed the last 2 long runs due to illness/vacation.

We headed downtown to an outdoor performance- "Paddington Bear's First Concert" with some friends. It was such a hot day- 28C! The kids loved the music, playing with the other children and just being outside! It was the perfect afternoon!

They also enjoyed playing in the fountains! I wish I could have run through them too!

Sunday morning hubby met with the running group for his long run while I hung out with the kids. We watched cartoons and relaxed!

Audrey and I went to buy her some winter boots (I know it's coming even if I don't want to believe it) and get her a haircut! We are growing out her bangs but the sides needed a trim! It looks much better now! She was very excited to sit on the unicorn (it was a horse)- she even let the stylist put a clip in her hair!

I spent the afternoon snuggling my best friend's new baby, Kali! This little girl is so sweet- I can barely remember my babies being this small! How they grow so quickly! I ADORE the newborn stage where they just sleep and eat all day, even though it's completely exhausting! I can't wait to snuggle Kali again!

The rest of the evening I spent with my little ones, who seem huge after holding Kali!

Such a good weekend!


  1. Fun weekend you guys had! And look at you getting it posted on a Monday ;) Leo is so cute in his hat! What second hand store did you go to?

  2. Holy busy batman!! Kali is SO sweet!!! Glad you got snuggles! What store did you go to for 2nd hand stuff? Audrey is so cute getting her hair cut and Leo's hat is perfect!!

  3. Oh my goodness, that hat on Leo is so cute!! I've tried the same one on Sully, but he is in a "NO" hat phase ;) But he'll keep a hood on for the most part. Go figure. That Paddington concert sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  4. Such a cute baby!! Ok glad you mentioned Leo's need for the booster... Noah is starting to pull that at home. He won't eat dinner in his high chair... Breakfast and lunch okay, but dinner must be in a big chair!! Stinker!! That concert looks soo fun! Noah goes for his shots next week, glad to hear it's just one haha, Love Leo in that hat and A's choice in her fashion as usual haha

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. How do you manager your dental appointment with Audrey with you??

    That hat is so cute on Leo

  6. Leo's hat is too cute! And awesome job for Audrey with the hair cut and dentist appointment! Great weekend!

  7. Ice cream after the dentist! Yessssss. Leo is really looking so grown up! (sorry!!!)


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