Thursday, October 29, 2015

~RNR Las Vegas Half Marathon Training Update~

It's almost time for the Rock n' Roll Las Vegas half marathon! I am so excited for this race, the trip and getting away with hubby!

Normally when it comes to training programs lately, I just pull up an old Running Room half marathon plan, tweek it a bit and follow it. Initially that was my plan with this half marathon, until Angela at Cowgirl Runs mentioned she was looking for someone to coach. I said I was interested and while she had found someone already, she was willing to coach me for more experience!

I gave her a bunch of my running history and she put together a plan for me. Normally I know my full plan from the very start so I decided to try something different and only know my schedule a week or two in advance. I will admit the planner in me is having a hard time not knowing my full schedule but it's been going well overall!

Angela has really helped me figure out what pace I should be running at for each of my runs. She's also been great at encouraging me and helping me find solutions when a run doesn't go quite as planned! Overall I am enjoying working with her! Thanks Angela!

So it seems all my week day runs are on the treadmill. By the time I get the kids to bed, it's dark out and often hubby isn't home so I can't very well leave the kids alone, even if they are sleeping! Some treadmill runs are better than others- I've been listening to training calls or music or watching Suits a bit more to keep me entertained. It's just so easy to jump on the rails for a quick break!

Note- I like purple running clothes! ;)

My long runs have been pretty good! Since the CHRR half marathon group just did their goal race last weekend, I haven't been able to train much with them since our schedules were quite off. I am not good at running long runs solo so I try to recruit some poor soul to join me! It's been nice to catch up with friends during these runs. I appreciate all the friendships I have made through running! I hope they don't mind that I talk their ears off!

I will admit that I REALLY miss running with the CHRR half marathon clinic. Having their support for each run, especially the long runs, is huge for me and I've definitely noticed a difference in my motivation to run this training cycle. Maybe next year I will be able to run with them again!

Just a couple more weeks (and long runs!) until race day!! I'm pretty excited to experience this race- it's going to be huge!! Runners taking over Las Vegas!

What was your favourite destination race?
What is your Vegas must-see??

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  1. You'll do great! Plus it will be so fun running at night there! I'm excited for you and a weeeeee bit jealous! ha


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