Tuesday, October 6, 2015

~Weekend Recap- Pjs, R+F, Birthday~

Boom- weekend over!
Anyone else relate to this?
Thursday we had a relatively quiet day. Audrey made me cupcakes while I ate breakfast. What a bad influence she is on my attempt to eat healthy! ;)

Leo could play with his trucks and cars all day long. Be careful where you step, you will probably find a car at your feet!

If it had been my choice we would have just sat around in our PJs all day but Audrey wanted to go somewhere so we went to the post office to pick up a package. I thought it was her passport but they were just returning her birth certificate so I'm assuming that means her application is being processed?

In the afternoon, my bestie came over with little Kali. Leo looks like a giant compared to her!! I snuggled her for hours. Leo was quite intrigued with the baby and kept saying 'baby' and making the baby sign.

Friday was a busy day! The kids got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa for a few hours while I went to a Rodan + Fields Leader Lunch.
I had to include this cute photo of these two brushing their teeth in the morning!
Check out Audrey's outfit choice... trend setter in my house!

Once again Rodan + Fields recognized our hard work and treated us to an amazing lunch at Charbar in the East Village. Soooo good! Every woman I have met through this company has been just lovely- we all come from different backgrounds but we all have a passion for helping people- either with their skin or helping achieve personal goals. I learned a lot from these fellow leaders!

After the lunch, I raced back up north to pick up the kids for our family photos. Being the optimist that I am, we decided to do them in Okotoks, which is almost an hour's drive south from where we live! Hubby met us there, along with Whitney, our amazing photographer!

I was a bit worried about how the kids would be since it was close to dinner time and Audrey had fallen asleep in the car so she was a bit grumpy. As usual, Whitney worked her magic, brought the kids (and parents) out of their shells and took some stunning photos! I can not wait to see the rest of the shots since the sneak peaks are so perfect!

After the photos, we headed to our friend's birthday party who lives in south Calgary (and part of the reason we agreed to do photos in Okotoks). Lots of our friends and kids were there so it was fun but chaotic! I took zero pictures because my phone decided to freeze. Thankfully it was temporary and just needed a restart.
Saturday I attended a corporate Rodan + Fields Business training session. I learned so much, met more amazing women and just feel ready to tackle my business and make it work for me!! Look out goals, I'm coming for you!

In the late afternoon, we headed over to Delainey's 2nd birthday party! The kids had so much fun playing with all the toys, and the other kids!
Audrey and Emerson playing together.

Having some slinky fun!

Singing Happy Birthday to Miss D!

Cruz was close by when the cupcakes came out!

My kids hated the cupcakes...

I caught Delainey and Leo up to no good behind the curtains! Troublemakers!

It was a great party and the kids were both tuckered out afterwards! Alison did a great job planning it!

Sunday we had brunch at the in-laws since some family was in town. Audrey and I did some shopping in the afternoon since she has grown out of all her clothes and has nothing warm! The cooler weather has arrived so long pants and shirts were needed. She is starting to expand her wardrobe past dresses.

I managed to get my long run in, in 2 parts! I ran 45 minutes on the treadmill before supper and 30 minutes after the kids were in bed. Everyone seems to be tapering right now so I'm having a hard time finding a running buddy. I just don't like doing long runs by myself!


  1. LOVE your photos! I did not book fall ones but have ones booked for once baby arrives :)
    I am pretty sure I had that with A's passport too and found it odd also!
    The kids look like they had a blast at the party! Alison does such a great job!

  2. Busy weekend you had! It was great to see you and the family on Sunday :) Can't wait to see more of the pictures Whitney took!

  3. Love the pics! Can't wait to see more!! How the heck do you keep a bib on Leo? Noah is refusing... Big ones, small ones... Any of the, he rips off! If only he was a clean eater all the time.mluckily he's not too bad, but I hate it when stuff gets stained! The party looked like such fun!! Emerson and Audrey almost had the same outfit on, just on different days haha, it must be trending! Noah is obsessed with trucks too and tractors and diggers, basically anything with wheels! Haha

  4. I want to see more of the family photos!!! And yes to cupcakes...those are the best part of bday parties!

  5. Busy weekend! Love the sneak peak photos from your shoot - can't wait to see more. Also love the colour of your dress - so pretty!

  6. Gorgeous photos! I can't wait to see more!! London needs more fall clothes too---it's getting chilly in the mornings and I always feel like he's under-dressed!


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