Wednesday, October 28, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

Well frick-- I thought I had hit 'publish' on this post on Monday and yet I found it sitting in my drafts! Better late than never!
Monday= back to the grind! I struggled waking up this morning and I went to bed early last night!??! Won't be doing that again ;)
Huge birthday wishes to Leigh!! Hope you have a great day and Amelia naps better for you!
Our weekend was a mix of crazy busy and relaxing.
Thursday was a relatively quiet day. The kids and I headed out to try to find a new Halloween costume for Leo as I was 2nd guessing his hand-me-down one. No luck finding anything different.
The rest of the day was 'quietly' (haha) spent colouring and decorating for Halloween.
Leo's latest obsession is with eating crayons! Yuck!

This girl was so excited about the spider decorations! She said this is her pet spider and sleeps in her bed. Creepy!!
We did some housework...

Friday we had some morning drama. Leo tried on his hand-me-down costume and big sister decided she wanted to be a leopard now! Leo loves his costume so I guess I won't worry about finding him a different one, although I did take the pink bow off the ear.

We met up with Alison and Delainey for our "traditional" Menchies-before-baby lunch date. Thankfully her baby boy wasn't born the next day like mine was ;) The kids enjoyed the ice cream and chalkboard.

Leo wanted to give Delainey a hug and kiss goodbye but she wanted none of it! Playing hard to get!

Have I mentioned that Leo still loves this stroller? Every day there is a new toy or stuffie being pushed around our house!

Saturday I had a hair appointment. Enjoyed the relaxing morning!

I went a bit darker, with a few more layers. I'm still getting used to it (and it's not even a big change!).

While I was getting my hair done, hubby took the kids to the community Halloween Party. They didn't stay long since it was chilly out.
Leo enjoyed the Fire truck and the cookies!

When I got home I saw Leo had left some artwork on the wall. Seriously you can't turn your back for a second with this kid and crayons anymore! It was all over the coffee table, wall and kitchen table! Thank gawd it wasn't marker or I'd still be crying!
Audrey and Leo's artwork hanging up... and Leo's wall art below.

I let Audrey paint while Leo napped. No way I was letting him paint after his earlier stunt! I'd still be cleaning up!

Dinner was still frozen solid so we went out instead! Mommy just didn't want to clean up after another meal! Leo wanted to "cheers" with his cup.

I think he was saying "juice" here. Audrey had some and he wanted some too!

Sunday morning we dropped the kids off with Auntie L and Uncle C. We were going to look at houses and do our 17KM run.
Turns out the kids had a lot more fun than we did!
We looked at 5 houses- if we could have taken parts of one house, add them to another and the lot of another then we would have found the perfect place! Alas that's not how it works so the hunt continues. We are time, I just need to be patient!
We did our long run in the communities that we are looking at buying in. I can say that if we move to one of those communities my running will get way faster because it's super hilly! My legs are soooo sore! You could not avoid the hills at all.

That night we relaxed and hung out. We were all tired from our busy day and I was too sore to do much else than watch Suits and call it an early bed time!
I wish the kids had made us dinner!
Audrey cutting her food! Leo dumping his food all over the ground, as usual!

So far this week is off to an interesting start! I had to go home after being at work for only an hour because hubby left his keys in my purse and couldn't go anywhere! The day got better after that though!


  1. Leo looks so cute in his costume.
    I want to make a place to hang Liam's art like you have. Just need to get some materials.

  2. Awe Leo is so cute in his costume! A hates hers lol.
    A took a sharpie to our kitchen floor...thank god for magic erasers! Kids I tell you ;) They are so fast too!
    I am not missing house hunting we looked for 2.5 years and had three offers on houses before finally buying the new one.
    Awesome job on your run :)

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes! :) Oh man to the drawing on the actual wall! Did Audrey ever do that? We've been looking casually online, but like you nothing has popped up that is "perfect" and would make us want to move yet

  4. Happy house hunting! Every time you mention it now, I'm gonna go on just to look for myself haha

  5. Your hair looks great! Hope house hunting goes good for you :) It's always an adventure! And that Leopard costume is adorable - Leo the Leopard. I die!

  6. Oh man, crayon on the wall!! I'm hoping it comes off easy? One time I was hanging out with my nephews and I was helping my oldest nephew organize and label his lego collection. I, of course, left the sharpie out and the youngest took it upon himself to draw ALL OVER the upstairs hall walls, ALL the way down the stair case and then big black swirls at the bottom of the stairs!!! Oh man, did I ever feel bad. They eventually and to repaint :( :(

    Love Leo's costume - so cute!

    And yes, so hard to find the "perfect" house…if such a house even exists! ;)

  7. Adorable costumes! They looked great! Yikes to drawing on the wall. Hopefully it came off easily!


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