Monday, November 16, 2015

~Fall Family Photos 2015~

Finally getting around to posting our PERFECT photo shoot with Whitney Cowan in October! Every single time she manages to get just the most stunning photos!!

We have been lucky-- two years in a row the weather has been perfection! October can be either pure white snow and cold or lovely warm yet crisp air and both years we have had the later. We thought it might be cold and rainy so we initially planned for an indoor shoot but the weather turned in our favour so we chose this outdoor spot. I LOVE it!!

It was a Friday afternoon and I had a packed day! I had a Rodan + Fields invitation-only leader luncheon downtown so my in-laws watched the kids. I sped back home to freshen up and change then raced over to my in-laws to get the kids ready into their clothes. The location we chose was at the opposite end of the city and hubby was meeting us there after work.

Audrey fell asleep during the drive down and hubby was a little bit late meeting us. I quickly changed Leo's shirt since I changed my mind, woke Audrey up and we met up with Whit! Audrey was a little grumpy at first but thankfully Whit did not take it personally and Audrey soon was her regular happy self. Whitney is always a breath of fresh air- puts everyone at ease and so friendly that it's easy to relax and just have fun!

We walked along and Whitney worked her magic.

As you can tell, I have no idea how I am going to decide which ones to print! So many options-- a new gallery wall is required!

Thank you Whitney, for once again capturing such wonderful moments in this exciting time of our lives! Every day is full of fun and adventure with these two and having you catch a glimpse of these memories is so priceless!


  1. great photos! I'd love to have more taken, but will have to make use of my own fancy camera for now (ps how do you choose which to print for the wall?!! haha

  2. Amazing family photos!! Perfectly picked outfits too!!! I would have a hard time choosing too haha

  3. Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous family! She got some really great shots of you guys

  4. Such gorgeous family photos! I keep telling Alison that I am going to hire Whitney to come to California to take some photos! She is incredible!

  5. Stunning photos! I don't know how you will ever choose which one's to print! Your dress is gorgeous - that colour is perfect for fall photos!


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