Sunday, November 1, 2015

~Halloween 2015~

I must admit, I had a total blast this Halloween with the kids! It was so fun seeing them "get it"- especially since last year we were in Phoenix so it was a different experience for them.
I would have liked to have had them wear "matching" or themed costumes but that idea went out the door in August when Daddy and Audrey saw the princess dresses at Costco and Audrey insisted on getting one. Because she doesn't dress-up like a princess enough...
The funny thing is that she wanted the Cinderella dress (from the newest movie) but insisted she was Elsa! She had the choice of an Elsa dress too!
Leo's costume was a hand-me-down from when Audrey was his age. I removed the pink bow! I was going to find him something different but he loved this one so that made it easy.
Audrey decided she wanted to be a leopard when she saw Leo trying on his costume! She quickly got over it.

They did a lot of Halloween crafts- both at the dayhome and at home. My Mom came over on Thursday so I decided to bring out the paint! I usually save it for when Leo is napping but with the extra set of hands it wasn't too bad!

My little artist! She apologized every time she got some paint on the table!

This kid's mission was to paint EVERYTHING! And eat the paint brush!

Haha that stink eye!

On Halloween,  Audrey wore her costume to dance class (minus the wig). Afterwards we went to the Farmer's Market for a Halloween Party and to get some groceries.
It was packed there and the kids had lots of fun!!

Leo would just shout "Treat"- forget the trick part!

He would NOT give up his candy!
"Leo the Leopard"

Best attempt at a photo of them together.

Leo's life was complete with that sucker!

Leo barely tolerated being in the picture!

Our first 'Trick or Treaters' arrived at 4:55pm! Early!

Finally, at 6:15pm, it was time for us to "Trick or Treat"
"Cinderella, known as Elsa"

I went with the kids while hubby stayed back to hand out candy.

Firm grip on this Leopard's hand to prevent him from running away!

"Trick or Treat!"

Holding hands in an attempt to slow them both down! Poor Cinderella/Elsa had to carry her dress too.

We hit up quite a few houses and there were lots of other kids out. I meant to grab the wagon but forgot at the last second so I had to carry Leo for a bit towards the end.
We all had lots of fun! Hubby said 50-75 kids came to the door which is more than in the past. Loved seeing the street busy with kids and parents!
When we got home at 7:00pm, Leo went right to bed (he was done!). We answered the door for a few more trick or treaters then checked out Audrey's candy stash! She was pretty excited about it all!

I let Audrey have a couple pieces of candy. For the most part she wasn't too crazy on sugar, except she was mad at me when I wouldn't let her wear this blinky ring that she got at the Farmer's Market to bed.

Shockingly both kids slept in until 8:20am (new time) on Sunday so I guess the time change didn't phase them that much. I was a bit worried about it, especially with the later bedtimes and extra sugar but they surprised us!

Now to get rid of all this candy so it doesn't end up in my belly and/or hips!


  1. Glad you had such a great weekend. The kids are so cute in their costumes!!

  2. That picture of A having a meltdown is just too funny and cute! They are both so cute in their costumes :)

  3. There's another thing to consider about which neighborhood to move to! Ours is old, and there are practically no kids, so we had like 5 trick or treaters. There were hardly any decorations out too!

  4. Haha love this recap! Kids are so funny. Love how Leo would just yell "treat" - smart kid, just get to the point, right?! ;)

  5. Love the pic of you and Audrey!! Prettiest princess around!!! Sadly, I didn't give Noah any of his candy... I think I will let him try Smarties and there was a Rice Krispie square I will let him try too!! Mean mama!! I let him play with all though! He has no clue what it is!! Noah was still a year too young this year! He didn't quite get it, but he looked cute haha! Love Leo's stink eye!! With Noah's first paint project I was surprised he didn't try to eat it, but he ditched the brush and went all in with his hands haha. For the kid who hates being messy I was surprised!!


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