Wednesday, November 25, 2015

~Phoenix Family Vacation 2015~

It's back to reality here at home- snow is flying, the temperatures have plummeted and it's starting to feeling and look a lot like Christmas which makes it ok that our vacation is over!

I'll recap our family trip to Phoenix here and do another recap of our getaway to Las Vegas separately because this will already be long enough!

We left for Phoenix on Saturday, November 7th. Our flight was at 5:45pm so we had most of the day to get organized and Leo had a good nap.

Note- 3 suitcases in the photo below! Plus 2 bags extra for each of us (minus Leo). We do not travel lightly so it seems! I think I had 6 pairs of shoes?

Someone was exhausted from dance class! Audrey fell asleep in the van during the 15 minute drive to the Airport Park and Jet. She stayed asleep during the ride in the shuttle, check-in and security!

The stroller was supposed to be for Leo!

Everything was a breeze- the airport was quiet so we grabbed some dinner before boarding the plane.

Everyone was excited for vacation!!

After an uneventful flight, we arrived in Phoenix and drove back to my in-laws house.

Our first day in Phoenix was a relaxing one- spent at the pool! Leo is such a water baby! He kept dunking his head, even though he was shivering. We had to keep telling him to STOP drinking the water.

We hung out lots in the backyard, enjoying the sun!

Leo's favourite word: "truck"

We located the nearby parks and spent some quality time there. This particular park had 5 slides! The kids loved them! It was a bit cooler that day.

Daddy and Grandpa also set up the mini-trampoline which was a huge hit! It's like a giant playpen!

We headed to the Children's Museum of Phoenix on Veteran's Day. Sort of bad planning- it was a complete zoo!! Took 45 minutes just to get in between parking and waiting in line. It is worth it though and next time we will avoid going on a holiday!

This climbing structure is cool but not for this lady who is afraid of heights!

We spent a lot of time in the arts & crafts room this year. Audrey was all over painting the giant castle, even though she ended up getting a ton of paint on herself from the other kids!

This area was for 3 and under- Audrey liked playing in the kitchen, making music with the xylophone. Leo loved the balls and smelling the flowers!

The hot dog and ice cream stations were a hit again with Audrey! I just love watching the kids and their imaginations!

Leo liked playing in the lentils at the 'grocery store'. It was like being in Costco with all the shoppers and carts!!

I managed to get a couple runs in! It wasn't too hot which is better for me and running. You know you are in Arizona when you see a javelina (wild pig) while on a run!

One afternoon my mother-in-law and I headed to the spa for a manicure and pedicure! So relaxing and a nice treat!

We headed to the Wildlife Zoo one morning.

We saw a joey peeking out of it's mom's pouch. Pretty neat to see it kicking around in there!

Feeding the giraffes was a big hit again.

We had the chance to participate in a Lorie feeding! That was pretty neat! It was a bit crazy at first with all the birds flying towards you and landing on you because they knew what was coming!

We took a ride on a little train to check out some more animals. The kids were quite thrilled with that!

We had to visit the tortoises before we left. Audrey was interested in watching him eat!
Leo kept telling us to "Shhhhh" because a few tortoises were sleeping in the corner!

They had a small petting zoo where Audrey bravely fed the hungry goats!

My in-laws and their friends have a collection of toys and bikes for kids because they all have their grandchildren visiting several times a year. Audrey was quite happy to be riding a Strider all over the place, although she did say she wanted pedals when we were also on the bikes.

The kiddie pool in the backyard was perfect for splashing and quick dips!

The kids had lots of fun with Grandma and Grandpa while we took off for a long weekend to go to Las Vegas. They did come down with colds so that made it a little more difficult but overall they barely noticed we were gone. Leo on the 3rd day kept saying "My Dada? My Mama?"- asking where we were! They were beyond excited when we did come back and I missed them terribly!

The day after we returned from Vegas my mother-in-law booked me in for a massage which was so needed! My legs were so sore after the race that this was the best thing!

That afternoon Daddy and Grandpa took Audrey to a winter league baseball game. It was during Leo's naptime so we stayed back. Audrey had a blast, and referred to it as the "wacking game!"

She got a stray ball and was practicing her batting.

Leo seemed to miss us so much while we were gone that he kept waking up super early our last week in Phoenix. Leo, 4:30am is NEVER a good time to wake up! So tired!

Pants are also optional in Phoenix! And Leo was never without a truck or 2 in his hands!

Audrey sweetly reading to Leo one morning while I was trying to get ready. She's such a good big sister and he loves her so much!

We checked out the big playground in Surprise.

Leo was loving this swing!!

Our flight home was fairly uneventful, even if we (hubby) forgot the kids' suitcase in their room and his laptop charging on the counter at my in-laws. They were coming back two days later so it wasn't a huge deal.

And just like that our vacation was over. It was hard to say goodbye to the good weather and know we were coming back to cold and snow but now it's time to get ready for Christmas!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great vacation! I'm impressed with how many things you did! That was nice of your MIL to book you a massage...those are the best after a race!

  2. Sounds like an awesome trip! That picture of Audrey passed out in the stroller is too funny!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great vacation! I've always wanted to go to Pheonix, but haven't made it there yet (I secretly wish my in-laws wintered there instead of Florida since it would be so much closer to visit!). I'm also impressed with how much you guys did and saw!

  4. You are making me want to go south SO bad!! We planned to this year in Feb-March but now now! Maybe 2017, insert sobs ;) I love that zoo and need to check out the childrens museum next time too. I find there is so much to do there we never get bored!

  5. Such a fun vacation! Glad you got to enjoy some warm weather and pampering! Looks like the kids had a blast, too! :)

  6. That looks like an awesome family vacation! So fun your in-laws have a place down there for you to stay at, and with a pool to boot!! I don't blame you for heading down there every year!

  7. Oh gosh it sounds and looks amazing!!! Glad you guys got away and they had a great time without you too! And that you got some pampering! :)


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