Wednesday, December 23, 2015

~December Holiday Festivities~

It's been awfully quiet around this little blog lately- not from lack of activity this month though!

I'll share some of the holiday activities we have done, before Christmas is over!

I took the kids on an impromptu visit to see Santa one day when we were out shopping early December. Leo was less than impressed that I abandoned him with this furry guy! I couldn't stop laughing at his distain for Santa! Audrey was a little shy and wouldn't sit on his lap but they happily ate the chocolate and candy cane he gave them.

We decorated in stages. One day Audrey and I decorated the house while Leo napped. She enjoyed taking out all the Christmas décor and playing with it!

They both love candy canes! Leo goes around saying "spice, spice!"

The day that I went to the spa with the girls to celebrate my Mom's birthday, hubby took the kids with his family out tree hunting. It's their family tradition and I resisted a real tree for the first 6 years of our marriage but I gave in a few years ago! It's something that they enjoy, the kids like it and it gets us outside! I guess I can live with a few (lots) of needles all over my house!

We decorated the tree the next evening and it was a bit chaotic with the kids wanting to touch everything. Most of our ornaments are breakable and sentimental so the tree is very top heavy, with some less-breakable ornaments on the bottom!

Leo loves to point out each ornament, and say it's name. We play a game where I ask him "where is the star?" or "where is the fox?" He also goes around saying "touch" meaning don't touch!

We also did our annual cookie decorating with family! Leo was kind of into it but once he tasted the icing he forgot all about the decorating and just licked the icing off the cookies. We won't be serving his cookies to anyone else!

Very intently decorating. Sprinkles were her favourite!

Audrey also had her last dance class before the Christmas break. The little dancers were adorable- although a bit shy with the parents watching! It was fun to see all that they learned.

I took the kids for another visit to Santa. They loved all the toys set up, especially the train set!

Audrey worked on another letter to Santa.

This visit was marginally better. Audrey made it onto Santa's lap but Leo still hated every second of it! He loves reading Santa books and says "ho ho" when you ask him what Santa says but in real life this guy is scary!

After I took Leo off Santa's lap Audrey started telling Santa what was on her wish list. They managed to snap a photo with a smile! (Bad photo of a photo)

Grandma brought over a surprise for the kids last week- a GIANT giraffe! She told them she found "Sophie" on the doorstep, with a note asking if she can live with us. The kids love her-- Audrey grooms her, feeds her, accessorizes her and puts a blanket on her at night! She even wanted her to sleep IN her bed at night but we had to draw that line there. She sleeps in her room which makes me happy since she is huge!

Finally it has started to feel like Christmas with a bit of snow! The kids love getting all bundled up to go outside and shovel, as long as Audrey doesn't get snow on her neck!

This year I decided to take Audrey to see The Nutcracker with my bestie! She was so excited to go leading up to the day- she couldn't wait to get dressed up. She even insisted on wearing pearls!

She enjoyed the ballet- asking lots of questions throughout- "Why is that man in a wheelchair?", "Why are there two men dancing with that lady?" and "There's the Rat King!" The Snow Queen was her favourite!

Audrey did not want her picture taken with us but she insisted on having her picture taken with one of the ballerinas!

We also made our annual Christmas ornament- glittery hand prints! Audrey helped roll out the clay and would have done 5 more if I let her! I went a little crazy with the glitter!

I love the festive spirit this time of the year! Audrey is so excited for Christmas- even though she keeps telling me it's 10 more sleeps every night! She asked to wrap a gift for Leo and is loving reading a new Christmas book every night, instead of an Advent calendar.
I love all these new and old traditions that we are creating with our family! This time of year can be stressful so I've decided to reduce that as much as possible and view Christmas from their sweet, innocent eyes!
Merry Christmas everyone!! 


  1. What a fun month! I love that you took Audrey to the ballet, I want to take Avery to the Nutcracker here next year. Love those ornaments!
    Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas :)

  2. You and A looked so cute at the ballet all dressed up! I'm glad she enjoyed it!! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. You guys have been busy!! LoVe the Santa pics. We should have done one with Leo and Delainey! ha ha
    Those ornaments turned out so pretty!!

  4. You guys have been up to some fun stuff! Haha I can't help but laugh at the Santa pictures. That's so fun that you took A to see the nut cracker and that she was so into it. Have a merry Christmas!

  5. Yes, you are missed on the blog!!! Busy busy busy you have been!! Love the Santa pics! Noah tries to say Santa and will say he says ho ho ho, but ever since he saw him on the holiday train, he thinks that is where Santa should be - on the choo choo! Haha. Kids!! Noah's starting to get Christmas more now and it's exciting!! Love the handprints!! Audrey is growing up to be such a little lady!! Love the pics of her!! The giraffe is great!!

  6. What a fun holiday season for you guys. I love the picture of Audrey and the ballerina. That giraffe is awesome!!


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