Wednesday, December 16, 2015

~Las Vegas Weekend Getaway 2015~

We had our first weekend getaway from the kids since before Audrey was born! We planned the weekend in Las Vegas (and our whole Phoenix trip) to correspond with the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon mid- November.

Hubby and I have been to Vegas before but not together. We were pretty excited to get away and have adult time without worry about rushing back to the kids. We knew they were in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa in Phoenix.

We hit the road around 9:30am for the approximately 4 hour drive.

We stopped in Kingman for lunch and a stretch.

The scenery along the way was pretty neat. Lots of cactus and Joshua trees.

We stopped at the Hoover Dam, which is at the Nevada/Arizona border. It was a lot cooler than I expected!

Driving up to the Dam since you can't see it from the highway.

The sheer magnitude of this thing was indescribable! It was neat to learn about the history behind it all. So much concrete!

This bridge is the highway we drove over. It's a bit high.

We went into the Visitor's Centre and did a self-tour.

The Hoover Dam isn't too far from Las Vegas so before we knew it we were rolling into town!

Bellagio. We stayed across the street at Paris.

We parked the car and hauled all our stuff into the hotel to check in. We should have done valet since the amount of stuff we brought was a little embarrassing. We should have packed 2 rollie suitcases rather than 1 suitcase and a ton of other bags since they were hard to carry through the hotels. Next time...

We chose the Paris hotel because of it's location- it is in the middle of the Strip, across from Bellagio that we were seeing a show at, and close to the Finish line for the Half Marathon we were running. The rooms were very clean, the service was great, lots of amenities were in our hotel or close by- the Miracle Mile Shops mall was right next door. I would stay here hands down again!

After we checked in, we went to our room to get ready for our fancy dinner.

All fancied up!

We went to Andre's for dinner. It was the top rated French restaurant, located in Monte Carlo. It did not disappoint!! The service was amazing- very attentive when needed. The atmosphere was very romantic- quiet considering you were in a big hotel.

We opted for the Chef's tasting menu. My husband is such a foodie!

We ordered a nice bottle of wine to start- it was a bit too sweet for a full bottle. We then did the wine pairing with our meal. Just a bit of wine...

After dinner (which was so delicious- so full!) We went upstairs to use the washrooms and ended up in the Cigar Room. There was a cozy fire place, a nice loveseat and the perfect ambiance to talk.

We shared a cigar and hubby had a scotch. Best part of the evening!

After a couple hours in the Cigar Room, we left Monte Carlo. We walked through Aria and decided to do some shopping, at 11:55pm!

I have been coveting some red soled Louboutins forever! I convinced hubby I needed them in my life THAT night. He agreed!

I went for the classic leather, rounded toe, 4 inch heels. I'll pretend they are comfortable!

Stopping for a photo outside our hotel!

We stopped for another drink and late night snack at Hexx in Paris- we sat outside hoping to catch the Bellagio fountains but it was too late. Still nice to sit outside at midnight!

The next morning we went for breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris. Really good food and if you get a seat on the patio you can watch the Bellagio fountains. We did not.

I started to not feel well (hmmm wonder why?!!) so going to get our race packages and to the expo was not super enjoyable! We took some photos, picked up our race packages, bought some race shirts and browsed the expo. Maybe it was a good thing I didn't feel so great- I didn't buy much!

We ran into Tina which was fun!

After the expo, we went back to the hotel for a nap and maybe I would feel a bit better after. I didn't really sleep much though.

Hubby made reservations at Yellowtail, a sushi restaurant in Bellagio. It overlooked the fountains so we were able to watch them while eating. Sushi was not my first choice for the night before a race and feeling how I did but I didn't have the energy to argue and look for something different!

I managed to clean myself up a bit. I certainly looked better than I felt!

Wearing my new Louboutins!

Dinner at Yellowtail was ok. The service was not as great as I expected for an upscale hotel. The views were lovely of the fountains so that did make up for the rest of it. We did not order anything to drink this night!

We had a couple hours to kill in between dinner and seeing the Cirque du Soleil "O". We wandered around the hotel. The atrium was beautifully decorated for upcoming American Thanksgiving.

I want this chocolate fountain in my house!

We went outside to watch the fountains! It's a Las Vegas must!

Every girl needs to have a pair of these foldable flats!! My friend told me about them last year and Santa remembered to put them in my stocking. They are Dr. Scholls- found at Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart. Best invention ever!! I wore my heels for a bit and then changed into these flats that I had stashed in my purse when we did more walking. I had so many people comment on how smart I was and how envious they were since their feet hurt!

I have always wanted to see "O" since I have heard so many rave reviews on it. I really wasn't sure what to expect other than there was water.

It literally blew my mind!! It was the most spectacular show I have ever since in my life! So good!! I was speechless through the entire performance. If you are looking for a good show in Las Vegas, this would be my recommendation! You will not be disappointed!

Sunday was race day, although it started at 4:30pm. We had no plans since we didn't want to walk too much- we wanted to save our legs for the race. Instead, we slept in till 11am (I can't even remember the last time that happened!) and then went for brunch.

Of course it was close to lunch time so all the restaurants were busy. We waited in line for the buffet in our hotel for an hour! We probably should not have gone to a buffet before the race since we did not get our moneys worth at all. I was feeling pretty nervous about the race and also didn't want to eat anything that would bother me. I would definitely go back to that buffet again, when I had a couple hours to eat and no run planned for right after!

We  got ready for the race and headed down to Mandalay Bay where it started.

We took the monorail from our hotel to MGM Grand and then walked over to Mandalay Bay. We stopped for pictures along the way.

I wrote the full race report here. Overall the race was a pretty neat experience. Running the Strip at Night was definitely a racing highlight, even if it had it's challenges due to the weather and 50,000 other runners. It was a memorable experience running the race together since this is the first half marathon we have ever done together.

We stopped at the Wedding Chapels for a kiss!


It was very cold out when we were done so we took photos back at the hotel!

Since we ran during dinner time, we changed and went looking for food. We went to a noodle house/dim sum spot in the Paris hotel and it was a disappointment. The service wasn't great and neither was the food. Should have gone back to that buffet!

I have no idea why but I was craving an ice cream treat after the race! It hardly made sense since it was so chilly after the race but we went searching for ice cream and found some. It was delicious!

I thought we might have gone out after the race but really all we wanted to do was relax so we went back to our hotel room after getting ice cream and went to bed! Crazy people we are!

Monday morning we packed up and checked out of our hotel.

We stopped for breakfast at another restaurant in Paris- Le Cafe Ile St. Louis. The food was good but the service was ok. Kind of disappointed with the service everywhere, other than Andre's that first night.

Wearing our finishers shirts!

Then we drove back to Phoenix. We missed the kids a lot so we wanted to get back before they had to go to bed.

The sky was pretty neat from the sunset here so we had to stop for some pictures.

It was an amazing weekend away! We did miss the kids a lot though (me more so than hubby!). It was good to spend time together and hopefully we will have more child-free trips in our future!


  1. That sounds like such a fun getaway. I LOVE that you bought Louboutins and am also very jealous haha. I really like the finishers shirt you got too. Super cute!

  2. Looks like you and J had a great weekend away! Oh la la to your new shoes. Lucky lady!

  3. I'm jealous of the trip! Would love to go back and try some of the fancier restaurants!

  4. What a great trip! Those fold-able flats are amazing!!

  5. Glad you guys got a little getaway in!! Sounds like you made the most of it and had a lot of fun!! Love that lace dress!!! Good job on the race!!

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