Thursday, January 21, 2016


It's been awhile since I've done one of these posts and I always enjoy reading them!

Watching… Suits! Still! On the 5th season so I'm also caught up!

Harvey is so dreamy!

I'm also watching The Bachelor for the first time in a few years! A few blogger friends decided we needed to have a weekly girls night to watch/discuss/laugh about the Bachelor events so that's what we are doing!

Ben is also sweet and dreamy!

Reading… The Big Leap for personal development. It has it's purpose- if you are looking to get over your fears and develop yourself personally or professionally then it's a great book. I'm looking forward to reading something a bit lighter once I'm done it though!

Drinking… water, water and water! Big goal this year is to drink more water. I have a harder time doing this at home since I'm running around doing stuff and my water isn't always within reach. So I'm now filling up multiple bottles and keeping them within easy access.

I also found a new, delicious white wine... Jacob's Creek Moscato. A friend brought it over and we destroyed a bottle. I must restrain myself to one or two glasses a week though.

Training… I'm currently in Alison and Amie's Beachbody Challenge group this month so I have been sweating like crazy doing all the T25 workouts! It's been great staying accountable to others and cheering everyone on! I'm also noticing some muscle definition, definitely stronger and perhaps a little less squishy?

I also start my training next week for the Run for L'Arche 5 Mile that I mentioned earlier this week. This is a great distance and I've enjoyed doing this race in the past.
Listening… I need to update my playlists! I've been listening to Adele's new 25 album (I love a few songs, some are meh).

Wearing… I did a huge purge of my closet last month (when I thought we might possibly be listing our house and moving). I got rid of 3 garbage bags of stuff! So I've decided to only add items to my wardrobe that bring joy and I know I can get a lot of wear out of. No more spontaneous purchases at the grocery store or buying something just because it's on sale. I need to love it, be comfortable in it and it has to be versatile. Some trendy items are okay, as long as I know I will get lots of wear out of them.

Eating… I'm cleaning up my diet. For the last 6+ months I've had the attitude that I can eat anything (in moderation) because I workout. Well while working out definitely prevents me from gaining a ton of weight, not watching what I eat is not helping me reach my fitness goals. I was snacking way too much in the evening, not eating enough, eating too much, eating lots of processed food that wasn't given me lasting energy, etc. Not anyway! I will still allow treats but I don't need the whole bag of chocolate or ice cream every day! Prepping healthy snacks and meal planning better on the days I'm at home for lunch will also aid in this clean up.
The most delicious energy balls!! So good! 

Loving... my new mirror/jewellery armoire that Santa brought me ;) My bling is all organized and accessible now! 

Planning… Audrey & Leo's birthday party next month! Hard to believe they are almost another year older. Hubby made me promise I wouldn't go crazy with the planning... I'll try!
Dreaming… of our trip to New York in the spring! So much planning to do!

Dreading… that we still have 4+ more months of winter left. We have been lucky that we got a late start to winter this year but I'm done with it now! At least the kids are enjoying some time in the snow but we are starting to get some cabin fever!

Excited… to catch up with a bunch of friends from University on Friday! I've missed this annual event for the last few years so I'm looking forward to seeing old friends!
Thankful… for so many good things in my life! There have been some recent disappointments (goodbye dream home...) but I know that things will work out in the end and I just need to be patient. It can always be way worse and I have it pretty darn good!

Tell me something you are currently doing!


  1. I find it much easier to drink lots of water at work for sure, weekends I really slack!
    Awesome job on T25! I cannot wait to start a BB program after baby :)
    I love your second outfit and ivory blazer. I rarely wear blazers since I find it hard to find ones that fit me good.
    Love that mirror and jewelry organizer! Great idea to combine the two!
    I am SO ready for spring, shh don't tell me it is not 6 weeks away lol!

  2. Suits is such a good show! I'm planning on making some energy bites for work snacks next week

  3. Your new clothes look AWESOME!! I need to catch up on Suits!! I'm still on Season 4!

  4. Love your outfits! I feel like I could use a purge...not just my own clothes either. I still have stuff from when I was pregnant...and that little one will be turning 7 years old in a couple of weeks! Great meme, maybe I'll do one of these as well!

  5. Are those the energy balls from last week? They're so good!
    Suits is one of my favourite shows. Since it's back this week (yay!) I'm planning a TV date with another friend to watch it :)

  6. Ah I've only watched the first two seasons of Suits and then got side tracked by other shows and haven't gotten back to it! Must change that soon. That moscato is one of my favourite wines! I'm terrrrrrible for drinking water, I think because I hate having to pee every ten minutes ;)

  7. I really need to pick up that book, it looks motivating!! I found a moscato that I love (and I don't drink sweet whites ever)... I can't remember the name of it though, If I find it I'll let you know ;)

    Meal planning is so key to eating well, isn't it? I find I just grab whatever is accessible when I Don't meal plan, more often than not that's fast food and takeout!

  8. I love your work outfits! Jealous of your style. I have none haha :) You are doing so great in the challenge group! I'm glad you joined. Also - I LOVE that moscato. I'm not a huge wine drinker but I have tried that one (pretty labels always win me over) and I enjoyed it!


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