Monday, January 4, 2016

~Workouts: Changing it Up~

Last we talked working out, I was heavy into half marathon training for the Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon in November.

Once I ran that amazing, bucket-list race, I needed a break from running. I LOVE running but I wasn't feeling it anymore. I decided to take a couple months from running in the cold & dark, or on the treadmill, and focus on strength training. Running is a great way for me to stay fit but I also need to tone up.

When I returned from Phoenix at the end of November, I started on Focus T25. I had bought the DVD workout series when I was first post partum after Leo and loved the short, 25 minute workouts. I'm a busy mama so this is the perfect amount of time for me!

I had never done the full series before- I was always running along with the T25 workouts so this time I fully committed to the program.

I honestly love it! The changing workouts (you don't do the same thing day after day, week after week), and the short, yet intense workouts have me hooked!

I'm currently just finished the first week of Beta, so I've already done 5 weeks of Alpha. I already feel so much stronger, and I'm getting more toned! That's with Christmas festivities and eating! The scale is only down 1 pound, however my goal wasn't to lose weight so much as tone up. I still think that is hugely impressive given the amount of chocolates and drinks I did not say no to over the last month!

Some days I do my workout while the kids are awake and they happily play around me. Sometimes they want to do what I'm doing and get in the way but they are good accountability partners and mess makers!

I just ordered Gamma to do after I finish 5 weeks of Beta (1 down, 4 to go!) so I'm super excited for that! Or maybe a bit scared! Mostly excited though!

I'm hoping that doing all this strength training will cross over to running and make me a stronger, faster runner. I'm sure when I get back to running later this month I will notice the difference from doing T25!

Have you found strength training to help your running? How do you incorporate cross training into your running schedule?


  1. I was a slow convert to strength training. I know that working the core will help my running. Intellectually I know this. I start for a while, then stop. Not a big fan of going to the gym, or working along to a DVD, though I know those work for a lot of people. I say if the T25 is working, fill your boots! There several of these kinds of programs out there, and on vacation we see the infomercials for them. There's PX90, and another I forget the name, they are so intense they make me a little nauseous just watching.

  2. I am doing T25 right now too! You are going to LOVE it! Such an awesome program. Gamma is my favorite! I saw the most results in that month! Have fun!!

  3. Do you find T25 hard - for a Newbie that is? I love the 21 day fix, but it is repetitive! We are getting started with that tonight... Actually M started without me.

  4. I'm not a runner by any means (I at most do intervals on the treadmill), but I think the T25 is a great program to incorporate with steady state cardio because of the different heart rate zones it targets. I like that alpa is weights-free because it can really show you that you can define your body without the help of equipment (but Beta's great too because sometimes it just feels good to pick things up and put them down)

  5. Oh how I LOVED T25!! I know you will love Gamma. Take pics for sure!

  6. I think Beachbody workouts are awesome! I have only done 21 Day Fix, but it is a great program and from what I can see the other ones are great as well. It's so nice to not have to spend an hour doing a workout, 25 - 30 minutes of a TOUGH workout is all you need! I have never done T25 but heard great things. That's impressive you managed to lose weight over the holiday season!!

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