Wednesday, February 24, 2016

~Audrey: 4 Years~


In a blink of an eye, you went from tiny baby (6.5lbs) to a sweet, silly, often serious and oh-so-sassy 4 year old! It's amazing to see how many milestones we have witnessed you achieve-- you make us so proud of the little lady you have turned into. You challenge us daily with your strong personality but that should come as no surprise since you made it clear who was in charge long before you were born!

Since I don't want to forget a moment, I'll share an update on Audrey.

Sleep: Audrey sleeps pretty well most nights. She goes to bed around 7:45-8pm. Occasionally she wakes up asking for water or rub her sore leg (growing pains or cramps). She sleeps until 7:30 or 8am, or even later on the weekends. She doesn't like it when Daddy wakes her up on dayhome days.

Audrey doesn't nap but will sometimes fall asleep in the car.

Eating: She is still fairly picky. Her favourite foods are anything sweet, fruit, fries, pizza, "triangle" cheese wraps, Annie's white cheddar noodles and pancakes. She doesn't like to eat much meat (unless it's steak) but she does like veggies and dip.

Eyes: Green/Hazel

Hair: Her hair is quite curly so it looks shorter than it is. It's about shoulder length when curly and down, longer when wet and straight. She likes braids, buns, ponytails but often likes to "wear it long" and won't even let you put a clip in the front to keep her long bangs from getting into her eyes.

Playing: Audrey loves doing all crafts. She always comes home from the dayhome with a new creation and is always up for crafting when at home. Painting, colouring and playdoh are her favourites. She enjoys doing puzzles, playing "Go Fish", practicing her letters, and watching "My Little Pony" and "Paw Patrol".

 Learning: Audrey loves to learn new things, whether it's a new game, cooking something with Mommy or Daddy, a new song, or whatever Mommy or Daddy is doing. She practices her letters and numbers at the dayhome and is excited to start school. Hopefully in the fall we can get her into a preschool program since I think she will really enjoy the challenge and the social interaction.

She loves going to her weekly dance class.

She loves reading books and will sit quietly for hours reading books that she has memorized or making up her own stories.

Weight/Clothing: She is 37 lbs and 43 inches tall. She wears 5T clothing almost exclusively- she needs the length. She still prefers to wear dresses and leggings most days, however she won't fight shirts and pants as much as she used to. She wears size 10-11 shoes.

Personality: Still strong-willed, a bit bossy and very independent! She is pretty sweet with her little brother and loves her mommy and daddy!

Current Favourite Things: Reading books, stickers, stuffs, My Little Pony, Frozen or any princess,  crafting, dress-up clothes, purses and necklaces, she uses her imagination a lot lately. She also loves to dance!

Dislikes: Her hands and face being dirty, being told what to do, not being allowed to watch TV all day, having her hair washed, getting ready for bed some nights, sharing with her brother.

Health: She has been very healthy-- a couple minor colds this winter but her asthma has been under control and we haven't needed to use the inhalers for a year. She does have a black mark on her thumb nail that has been there since Leo was a baby. The Doctor said it was likely from some sort of injury (caught in the door?) but we can't recall her hurting it. It hasn't grown out in 2 years so it will probably stay around for a long time.

Audrey loves her little brother. Like a typical big sister, she does like to tease him though. She enjoys playing with him and often likes to go to her room to play by herself.

She is our special girl! She amazes us with how bright, sensitive, silly and stubborn she is! We couldn't imagine her any differently!

Reading her birthday 'medal'- "It says 'Happy Birthday Girl!'"

Audrey, you will always be our first-born, our baby, our sweet little girl!! We love you soooo much!


  1. Happy birthday sweet girl! I remember Audrey as just a little bitty peanut at that blog get together at Leigh's when I was pregnant with Liam. Just a few months old at that point! It's been fun watching her grow.

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl! I love her dress - so pretty!


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