Tuesday, February 16, 2016

~Family Day Long Weekend~

We had a busy weekend so it's a good thing I had 5 days off!! Somehow they still flew by and it's suddenly Tuesday.

Thursday was Doctor Day! Both Audrey and Leo had their annual checkups. They are growing well and meeting all their milestones. Leo has been referred to a paediatrician for a heart murmur that hopefully is not a concern.

The Doctor said Leo was the best behaved 2 year old during his checkup. He sat quietly and smiled through the entire examination.

On Friday we joined Alison, Delainey and Ryder at Flip Factory. The kids LOVED it- since it was a school holiday it was slightly crazy there. I got an intense workout just keeping up with those two! I didn't get any pictures of the 3 (4) kids together because they were all running in different directions! Well not Ryder- he slept through most of the activity which is amazing considering the volume level in that place! They all had such a blast so I'm sure we will be back again soon- maybe when it's less busy!

That night we went out for dinner to Kinjo- a new location opened up close-ish to us. I had been there last month with a friend and the food was good. It's mostly sushi but there were lots of other non-fish items on the menu. It was entertaining for the kids and we enjoyed the food. We even had dessert which we rarely have when out with the kids. They also liked the pocky sticks!

Saturday I took zero photos! We met Keith and his wife for coffee (Phil & Sebastian's!) and a visit at the Symons Valley Market by our house. We had a great visit and the kids had fun playing inside and outside. It was such a gorgeous day out- we are seriously getting some amazing weather this winter.

The rest of the day we ran errands and took it easy.

After the kids went to bed, hubby and I rented About Time. It started slow- we almost turned it off but then it picked up and was sooooo good! I love Rachel McAdams! Plus the writer also wrote Love Actually and Notting Hill, two of my all-time favourite movies!

Sunday was Valentine's Day. I wasn't feeling that well so I slept in. Hubby made pancakes- a heart one just for me! He said it wasn't pretty but it was delicious and looked good to me!

Hubby made me a Valentine's Card and Audrey made me a snowflake, with Daddy's help!

My nieces came over to spend the evening with the kids while we went "Axe Throwing!"
Not your typical Valentine's Day activity! A friend organized a group event and it sounded like fun. We actually had a blast, even if my skills aren't so good!

We did a Round Robin, then a Tournament.

I may not have won but I BROKE an axe!! Our instructor said she has never seen someone do that before!

Once that was over we for Vietnamese. It's hubby's favourite and there wasn't a lineup so win-win!
Afterwards we went to Chapters to find guide books for our upcoming New York City trip- we like having actual books!

The kids had fun with their cousins and were relatively well-behaved. Leo woke up from his nap grumpy (as usual lately) so they had to FaceTime me so he would stop crying. Hubby has to go that often in the morning on my work days- someone is a mama's boy!

I had to drop the girls back home afterwards so I visited with my sister for a bit. I caught a bit of Bachelor at 20 which looked entertaining. Sadly I couldn't find it online later on to watch. There are recaps so I will check those out.

Monday morning Leo continued with his early wake-up streak- 6:15am and this kid is ready to go. I know it isn't that early compared to some children so I'm trying to not complain but this mama is not a morning person so it's a struggle! He loves to "play cars" or "watch Cars" and really I do appreciate the one-on-one time together- even if I'm half asleep!

We haven't been to the Zoo this year yet so we took advantage of the holiday and beautiful day to spend it outside together. Along with the rest of the city! ;)

Snack Time (always!)

Audrey insisted that we practice our "Penguin Walk!"

Waiting for the Penguin Walk

The Penguin Walk was so adorable!! Love their waddles!! The baby penguin was huge- I think he ate another penguin or something!! So fluffy!!

Leo really wanted to see the giraffes and Audrey wanted to see the hippos. Conveniently they are in the same building! The hippos really put an under-water show on for us all.

Daddy promised Audrey ice cream at the Zoo the day before and that girl has an amazing memory! As we were leaving she asked for ice cream so we stopped for some. It was messy but they enjoyed them.

We came home for Leo's nap (he fell asleep in the car because we ran him!) and the delivery man dropped off a package. It was birthday gifts for Audrey and Leo from Ashley, Mike and Noah!

They were super excited to open the box and discover the motherland of all crafting supplies!! They are set!! Thank you so much!! This will keep them entertained for hours!!

How does 5 days go by so quickly? I would be lying if I wasn't slightly looking forward to 2 days "off" at work and yet I miss the kids terribly!
What was the highlight of your long weekend?


  1. You guys had quite the busy but fun weekend! I've heard about the axe throwing (and saw it on the Hockey Wives of Canada show)...was it fun? I don't have good aim and could imagine blood would be involved with me, haha.

  2. That Flip Factory place looks so fun for the kids! Ax throwing?! haha, love it! I would be the worst person ever though, I have horrible aim! I saw your zoo photos on IG and told Chad that I want to go before baby - haha, so we might try to get there in the next month or so :)

  3. I can't believe you broke an axe! Hahah! That penguin is huge!!! Soo glad the kids loved thier gifts!! You always mention how they like crafting, so I thought it was perfect! It wasn't exactly what I wanted to get them, but it worked!! Lol. Sounds like a fun weekend with lots of hubby time!! I need to find a sitter!! Lol, now that Noah's 2 I can imagine leaving him with one lol!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend!! Ax throwing looks fun. So does that Flip Factory place. Liam would probably love it. We hit up the zoo on Friday for the penguins. It was perfect because it was a bit chillier and not busy at all. That baby is adorable!! Liam really liked the baby giraffe too.

  5. Sadly, I didn't get a long weekend but I did have an awesome date with London Saturday night which made up for it! I can't wait to take him to the zoo in a couple weeks.

  6. Sounds like a packed weekend! The axe throwing sounds fun. I'm with Leigh and saw it on that show--don't think I'd want to mix it with drinking!!


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