Friday, February 26, 2016

~Friday Five~

Woohoo it's Friday!! Can't wait to have Hubby home all weekend long! :)

1. I bought these Traceless Elastics because I always get a big crease when I use an elastic or clip in my hair. I had heard great things about these Elastics so I figured I would try them out.

I put my hair up to do a 30 minute workout. You can still see a slight crease so I wouldn't say it's Traceless for my hair but I'm sure for someone with thicker hair it might not leave a line. 

So I'm a bit disappointed but to be honest, I doubted they would actually work ok my hair since everything leaves a crease. They do hold my hair up really well and I like using them for making buns so not a total waste! My sister-in-law swears by them. 

2. It's a bit ironic that I ripped my thumbnail trying to open Audrey's 'doctor's kit'. Blood everywhere- so painful and mostly annoying since I just had my nails done!

3. This kid knows all the characters! I'm not sure if I should be impressed or embarrassed! 

4. Love you Taylor! This is so true- no matter if you are a famous singer or running your own small business. Now, please come back to Alberta so I can go see you in concert!

5. It's Friday- I'll drink to that! It was a rough 'one' day work week for me! #luckylady

Have a great weekend! Looking forward to the big birthday party!!


  1. I'm soo over kanye ranting on people with real success...
    Good to know about those elastics! I hate getting hair creases, and have yet to find one that doesn't leave a crease.
    Yay for one day work weeks!
    Noah just gets excited about bubble bath, but doesn't know the characters haha.

  2. I've seen those hair things at the salon, and wondered if they actually worked. Do they keep your hair tight? I can't stand loose hair while working out

  3. Good to know about the hair tie! I want a creaseless headband!!

  4. Sigh, everything gives my hair a crease...I think it's because my hair is so fine. The higher up the ponytail on my head, the less creases I get though! Also depends how much I sweat, haha. It looks like that elastic would be painful to take our of your hair?! See you tomorrow!


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