Saturday, February 6, 2016

.:Leo: 2 years:.

Happy 2nd Birthday Leo!!

Still amazes me that it was 2 years ago he was born!! I blinked and he became a toddler! His newborn days seem so long ago yet I remember him being a tiny, squishy newborn like it was yesterday. All the drama leading up to his birth (they thought he was too small plus he was breech) feels like a distant memory. Thankfully everything turned out fine (he wasn't too small) and he has thrived into a happy, healthy, stubborn, loud and always entertaining 2 year old!

Eating: Leo is still a pretty good eater. He definitely has his likes and dislikes but overall he is willing to try at least one thing on his plate. He loves vegetables, meat, fruit, raisins, toast with jam (& peanut butter), yogurt and granola (gran as he calls it), and anything sweet! He's uses a spoon and fork all the time. He likes to throw his plate on the floor when he is done which is frustrating!

Sleeping: Sleep has been off and on the last few weeks which I attribute to 2 year molars and sickness. He has had some nights that he wakes up crying, wanting mommy and to cuddle in the chair or in our bed. Overall he is a pretty good sleeper still, from 7pm-7am, with a half hour variance on each end. 

He is still sleeping in his crib. We decided to not convert it to a toddler bed or move him into a bed until necessary, since we don't need the crib right now. It's easier to keep him contained this way!

Leo naps once a day in the afternoon for about 1.5-2.5 hours.

Diapers: Size 4 Kirkland brand and cloth diapers at home. We aren't thinking about potty training for a couple more months.

Weight/Size: He will be weighed next week so I will update later. I'm guessing he is around 25-27 lbs.  He is wearing 18-24m and 2T clothes.  He wears size 7 shoes.

Hair and eyes: Blonde hair with a few curls! He's going to need a haircut soon. Eyes are still blue.

Talking: He says lots of 2 and 3 word sentences! His language has exploded the last two months. He can count to 12 on his own, and to 20 with help. He is working on his ABCs. He is pretty good with colours, although until recently every time you asked him what colour something was he said "pink"! He loves to finish the last word of each page in a book. 

Latest phrases: 'Ready, Set, Go!', 'See Mommy', 'Watch Cars', 'Play cars', 'Ca-chow!', "Love you Mommy", "Audrey did it"

Sign language: He still signs for 'more' and 'please' but he mostly talks now.

Personality: Leo loves to make you laugh! He will do things to see your reaction. He is such a mama's boy!! He often doesn't want Daddy at all and will cry for Mommy. Sometimes on my work days we have to FaceTime in the morning so he can see me and stop crying. He will say' Talk Mommy phone.' It's pretty sweet but it's hard on Daddy when he wants nothing to do with him.

Teething: The 2 year molars are coming in- at least 3 of them have cut through. He has been a bit clingy and whiney which I'm attributing to the molars.

Somewhat teething related, Leo stopped taking his soother around 22 months. He only had it at bed/nap time and even then he was daily indifferent to it. So we stopped offering it and he never asked for it. I'm amazed at how easy it was to rid him of it because he used it for so much longer than Audrey did. 

Likes: Running, books, cars, Cars movie, Mommy and his blanket! He also loves to climb- gives me a heart attack every time I catch him on the couch or chairs or anything high! Leo loves to "colour" and do crafts!! He makes a craft every day at the day home and excitedly shows me when I pick him up!

Dislikes: When you tell him no or take something away from him, when his sister doesn't let him in her room, being contained in the stroller or cart.

Misc: Two is such a fun age!! We are slightly entering the 'terrible two's' with tantrums. I feel more prepared for his tantrums though and not having a newborn to also care for makes it feel easier this time around. Daddy disagrees! He says Leo has more tantrums than Audrey did.

Audrey and Leo play so well together most of the time. They will fight over toys but they are both pretty good at sharing. It's so nice to see they can entertain each other.

Leo, it has been two incredibly fast yet memorable years that you have been part of our daily. It's hard to remember what it was like without you. You bring so much joy, happiness and laughter to our home. You are sweet, loving, loud and so smart! The way you nod your head and stomp your feet when you get mad is hilarious! We love you so much and can't wait to see what this year brings in the adventures of Leo.

We love you!!! XOXOX

Mommy, Daddy and Audrey


  1. Happy birthday Leo! They both look so grown up in those last pictures.

  2. Aww Happy Birthday Leo! It's so neat to read about the similarities our boys share...Sully still signs "more" when he REALLY wants something, as if I don't understand the verbal "more" haha. We are also still in a crib and since he isn't trying to climb out of it at all (which amazes me, since he's climbing on EVERYTHING else), we figure there's no rush! And throwing the plate on the floor after dinner!!! Why?!?! This drives me absolutely bonkers!! We definitely have our share of tantrums these days, but I have no other children to compare it to lol.

    It goes so fast, doesn't it?! *tear*

  3. Love that he says Audrey did it! Soo funny!! I dread the the two year molars and keep checking Noah's mouth for them! I have a feeling when they will come.... And it won't be fun!! Noah likes to flip his plate when he's done and say all done... I think we got it stopped, but I don't like to set myself up for disappointment lol. That's crazy he can count to 12!!! Noah's just at 1, 2 and counts everything. We are starting to work on our colors more - they are hit and miss! Still can't believe our boys are two!!!


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