Tuesday, February 9, 2016

~Run for L'Arche: Training Recap Week #2~

The 5 Mile plan:

This week was also an exercise in flexibility and listening to my body.

To recap my 2nd week of training:

Monday: T25 Speed 3.0. Holy heck was this workout every hard! It's my first week of T25 Gamma and it is no joke! The sweat! It wasn't my best workout because it was my first time doing it so I was trying to figure out half the moves but I think it will be a good one, if it doesn't kill me!

Tuesday: 2 Mile run on the treadmill. I need to remember to write down my time!

While I like the message on this shirt, cotton is NOT good to run/workout in!

Wednesday: The schedule called for T25 but I decided to rest. 6 days of working out is a bit intense for me with my busy life schedule so I thought that I would listen to my body and rest instead of pushing it. I don't want to get injured or sick since that will only delay me from reaching my goals.

Thursday: 2.2 mile run on the treadmill. Leo didn't nap very long so my run was spent making sure he didn't come near the treadmill. I turned a movie on for the kids to watch hoping that it would distract him but he was more interested in playing with his toys and seeing what I was doing. I almost quit a few times but I didn't have any other chance to fit the run in that day so I had to get it done when he was awake.

Friday: It was a super packed day for me and I'm not very good at waking up early to workout so I decided to switch my Saturday rest day to Friday.

Saturday: T25 Extreme Circuit. Another killer workout and I'm pretty sure I could feel my biceps getting stronger! Gamma really steps it up so I'm hoping to see some good results in combination with my running.

Sunday: 2.5 Miles on schedule, which I did about 2.6 Miles (4.3KM). This time I wore my Garmin. My average pace was about 6:22 min/km. This run felt quite hard- my legs were heavy and my cardio seemed weak. Hopefully it will keep improving with every run.

What was your best workout this week?
How do you balance cross training and training for a race?


  1. Great job!

    My best workout last week was a 90 minute yoga class that totally challenged me and kicked my butt. I loved it!

  2. I have that shirt too, it is not good for sweaty workouts at all! I always found three days of running and 2 days of other workouts was my happy place when I was training for a race. My best workout last week was Pump which after not doing it for awhile kicked my butt!

    1. I think I saw you wear it so I had to snag it. Super cheap at ON!

      I think I'm struggling with the fact that I'm enjoying my cross training more than the running right now! Hopefully my running mojo comes back ASAP!

  3. Great job on the workouts last week! I am learning that with being back to work it means that I usually have to move my workouts around, but that's fine if I get them in still :)

  4. Cross training IS training for a race! At least I think so. I'm ready for a rest day after 6 workout days in a row, but this week I'm feeling good. I'll take the rest anyway. Best workout was my last run, fastest in many months, not really trying to be fast. And there was a couple good swims. One of the bike spin sessions was excellent. What was the question again?

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