Tuesday, February 2, 2016

~Run For L'Arche 2016: Training Recap Week #1~

Remember how last week I mentioned about being flexible with your training program? It's the first week and I've already changed my training program around a bit!

Here is my new plan:

I changed my rest day from Monday to Saturday. I also changed the double workout on Wednesday to just a run. For time and the sake of not overdoing it as I return to running, I decided this will work better for me.

My training program taped up on the wall in front of my workout area

To recap my first week of training:

Monday: T25 Dynamic Core 25 minute workout. I came home from work and almost decided to skip my workout for the day but I knew I would feel better if I got it done. Not surprisingly, it energized me and I felt way better about doing it.

Tuesday: My first run in a couple months! 2 Miles were on the schedule and I did it on the treadmill after the kids went to bed. It felt good to get back at it!

Wednesday: T25 Rip' T Circuit. Tough but good, sweaty workout!

Thursday: Another 2 Mile run on the treadmill, this time during Leo's nap.

Friday: The schedule called for T25 or Yoga... I ended up doing both! I did T25 Dynamic Core in the afternoon and then met a friend for HOT yoga in the evening. Holy workout!! So much sweat! It was great though- will definitely do more hot yoga classes in the future.

Saturday: REST!!!

Sunday: My first run outside in a couple months! It was a beautiful Chinook day. It was about 2C outside so I could have used a better headband to keep the wind out of my ears but overall it was fantastic! Scheduled called for 2 Miles- I did a 4K loop. My Garmin wasn't charged so I am not sure what my pace was but I was breathing pretty hard. I probably should have slowed down but it may have been the hills that had me breathless.

I'm pretty happy with how my first week of training went! I'm sure more tweaks will be made to the schedule along the way.

Did you take advantage of the nice weather & run outside this weekend? 
Did you follow your workout schedule this week or make some changes? 


  1. Great week of workouts.

    Unfortunately I did not get out to run this weekend and I'm sad about it.

  2. Nice job on your workouts last week! I've been working out after Amelia goes to bed. I did run today at lunch so it was nice to have free time tonight

  3. Great week of workouts! I sometimes shift my workouts around if something comes up. For the most part I write it down and try my best to stick to it!

  4. Great week of workouts! It's been a slow week for me, what with our weekend trip and my mom visiting, but I'm anxious to get back to body pump!


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