Monday, February 22, 2016

~Weekend Recap: Sick Again~

The weekend started off super productive and fun but the nasty germs invaded again. This time Leo and I are the unlucky victims.

Thursday we ran a bunch of errands for the upcoming birthday party! Audrey was very involved in picking out things for the party and helping me find things in the store. She's also good at throwing things in the cart that we DON'T need. I remember doing this as well as her age... At least I catch these things before we buy them, unlike my Mom!

Thanks to Lindsey for these sticker book suggestions- the kids love them and they help me get my workout done! Leo still has an attention span of a snail so he requires a bit more entertaining.

He does enjoy doing some of Shaun T's moves. He's working on his burpees!

I was also attacked by wild dogs... The children did nothing to protect me!

In the afternoon, Audrey and Leo had their first eye check-up! Audrey did really well- listened to all the Doctor's directions and she has 20/20 vision! Hoping it stays that way!

The Doctor was amazing with children and I would highly recommend her if anyone is in the NW Beacon Hill area.

Leo had a check up too but he was a bit tricker being younger and smaller so he sat on my lap for it. His eyes look good too!

Leo started coughing a lot on Thursday and Friday he started to run a fever. We had to cancel our playgroup. I also started to feel a cold coming on so I was taking Vitamin C and Vitamin D every chance I could!

Camping in Audrey's closet...

Happy and cuddly with Mom!

He got that scrape on his forehead roughhousing with Dad. Boys!

He just wanted to cuddle... Poor little guy.

That night I went to a movie with my sister and bestie. We saw How to Be Single. It was hilarious!!! I highly recommend it if you are looking for something silly and a good laugh!

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment. I went a bit lighter since it's been so spring-y out!

Leo seemed a bit better but then his fever came back in the afternoon so more cuddles and Cars.

I had a wild Saturday night doing birthday party crafting. I promised hubby I wouldn't go crazy with the planning but it's so hard not to! I have to stay off Pinterest before I get more ideas.

I woke up Sunday morning feel awful- probably more from having a terrible sleep with Leo waking almost every hour,  crying and needing cuddles. And he woke up at 6am for the day. I did go back to bed for a bit after hubby woke up but I still didn't feel great when I woke up. 

Hubby took the kids grocery shopping while I did chores around the house. I wasn't going to do my run but it was so beautiful out and I figured even if I got 2 miles in that was better than nothing. I ended up doing over 3 miles so I'm happy with that. 

Hubby went to see the Star Wars movie in the afternoon so the kids and I did some crafting. Leo was painting first- I don't normally make him wear a big apron to colour!

We both seemed to be feeling well into the evening but again Leo had a terrible sleep, crying and coughing so we decided another day of rest at home would be best.

We made a trip to the Doctors to make sure he didn't have an ear infection or pneumonia since he is wheezy. He doesn't have either of those and they prescribed some inhalers to help with the wheezing. Hoping this helps his sleep because we are all exhausted. Poor guy- I hate seeing him this sick and uncomfortable.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Any suggestions for getting liquids and food into sick kids that refuse to eat/drink?


  1. Bummer to you guys being sick. I try to get Liam to take pedialyte popsicles when he won't drink much.

  2. This is been a hard winter for so many people! Hope you all feel better soon!
    Yay for sticker books! A will sit for the longest time with them - I love it :)

  3. Which sticker book is that? Noah is just starting to like stickers.. Yet has the short attention span as well haha. Soo happy to see you blogling again, I miss our regular emails and updates on each other's lives!!!


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