Friday, March 4, 2016

~Princess and Cars: 4th & 2nd Birthday Party~

We celebrated Audrey and Leo's birthday party on February 28th. We went with a "Princess and Cars" theme since Audrey wanted bows and fancy dresses and Leo loves all things cars. 

I didn't want to do a disney themed party so I found a vendor on Etsy that had the joint theme I had in mind. 

I scaled back on the planning this year. I focused more on activities for the kids. We did have some decorations up though!

Hubby did a great job with the chalkboard. 

"Pin the Jewel on the Tiara"- hubby drew the tiara on craft paper. I didn't realize it was so close in colour as our wall until we taped it up! The kids had fun putting jewels all over it.

Yummy food!

Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes

Each child received a bag with a crown, star wand and feather boa when they arrived. We had jewels and stickers to decorate the wands and crowns. 

Bedazzling crowns and tiaras!

Leo enjoyed putting the cars and stars stickers all over paper.

The girls had fun putting jewels on the tiara

Amelia loved all the cars too!

Colouring is always a hit!

Another cars lover!

Singing "Happy Birthday!"  They both wanted blue icing!

Sweet little Ryder!

His preferred method of eating a cupcake- lick the icing off!

She "seriously" loved her cupcake!

Such a happy girl!

Saving lives in the corner!

Playing with Uncle

Best buds!

We waited until after the party was over to open gifts. They were both over the moon with their gifts!

It was such a fun party for Audrey and Leo! They were both so excited- Audrey was asking for weeks when her party was. They loved having all their little friends over and cupcakes are always a hit! I'm so glad so many of our friends and family could help us make the day special for them!

Many thanks to my sister-in-law for grabbing the camera and snapping photos and Alison for sharing hers since I barely took any!


  1. Looks like it was a great party! Love how you combined both of their interests! What book is that lift the flap book in the last few pictures? Looks huge and awesome!

  2. You did a great job planning the party! Thanks again for letting us celebrate with you :)

  3. It looks like you all had a blast!!

  4. You did such a great job with the party!! Your cupcakes look great!! What lift the flap book is that one that Leo got? We got one for Noah and he loves it, so now I'm looking for more - crazy how long he will sit and read them for!! Looks like everyone had fun!!

  5. Such a fun party! You did a great job. D loves her crown still!!

  6. What. Great party!! I love the idea of joint parties when birthdays are close together :)


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